[MMO] MMO Holy Trinity

For people that don’t know it is:

1. Tank
2. Heals
3. CC/Down time reducer

DPS is not and never was part of the ‘holy trinity’.

People use it now (thanks to no down time in MMOs anymore) for:

1. Tank
2. Heals
3. DPS

This is incorrect because DPS is still an outsider due to massive popularity over the Tank and Heals roles.

The Holy Trinity meant that if you played this class you would get groups quickly. In fact, having one was a beacon for the other two. I can remember days where if you were looking for a healer, the healer would ask if you had a tank or Enchanter (really, it was just the Enchanter class in EQ, later also the Beastmaster somewhat) and if you didn’t, they’d pass or ask you to tell them if you did get one.

Now people use it to describe the three critical roles or foundation roles in a MMO: Tank, Heals and DPS.

Still isn’t anything Holy in DPS – it’s needed but there are so many of you (us) that you’re pennies in someone’s pocket.


2 thoughts on “[MMO] MMO Holy Trinity

  1. I was going to say that in TorilMUD, the holy trinity was Tank, Healer, and Stoner/Scaler… stoneskin or dragon scales being spells that dramatically reduced the amount of damage the tank took… but I guess that is effectively downtime reduction. Less healing, less memming up.

    But yes, back in the day, the tank brought the DPS if you were keeping it to 3 people. In Toril Rangers were the loneliest class, as they were only good at DPS, so nobody wanted them. They didn’t have pick lock or special crowd control poisons like rogues or assassins.

    Crowd control picked up significant importance in EQ, with a 3D world and linked mobs and adds. The tank brought the damage, though you might add somebody to do damage once you had your basic three covered. (And rangers, again, were ever so lonely.)

  2. The real benefit to having an Enchanter was the various buffs like Clarity-line (greatly increased mana regen), Haste-line and later their Charm abilities which brought DPS.

    I figured it went farther back than EQ but I didn’t do MUDs – either way, DPS (on its own) wasn’t ‘valued’.

    Rangers got the short end of it in EQ too. I can remember all sorts Ranger jokes.

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