[TOR] Wait… What?

Checking mail this morning and I see two emails from SWToR. First one says, “Now that you’ve tried SWtOR, why not pre-order?” Second one says, “Now that you’ve tested it, please provide feedback by taking this survey and post your experiences on the forum!”

Two problems.

1. I already pre-ordered – they should know that.
2. I didn’t get any beta invite email?

I double checked spam and trash folders, only thing in them (trash) is the release date announcement.

This makes me sad.


4 thoughts on “[TOR] Wait… What?

  1. Yeah, I am not sure I want/need to be in beta. I am pre-ordered and going to play no matter what. But in that moment, seeing that email, I was suddenly wondering, “Am I in? Am I not in? Did I lose the damn invite?”

  2. Yup, the old, “Crap my spam filter must have ate it!” cross my mind too. There are a lot of people really bent out of shape over it – going on about “Do you trust them with your personal info!?” and “We should be compensated!” hehe

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