[WoW] Shiftybits Can’t Heal…

… so say the PUGs.

Shiftybits (Restoration Durid) is our reincarnated version of Timbits (Holy Loladin) who anchors and coordinates our raiding heal team. He’s there every night (except a few nights) and even his wife suspects he plans family vacation time around raid times.

Shiftybits/Timbits is played by UFTimmy, one of my prominent commentators (unfortunately). I’ve met him in real life and he’s much nicer there.

It’s no secret that we have to PUG spots to fill our raid from night to night because we’re casual(ish) and run pretty lean as far as guild population goes. A few times we’ve PUGed healers and we usually get a chuckle out of them.

We’ve had PUG Paladins try to tell Timbits how to heal asking him if he’s using Beacon and what not. We’ve also had Druids trying to tell Shiftybits how to heal, that his spec is wrong, he’s not geared enough (hey, he just hit 85 – yes that was a heirloom item on him – deal with it!) and that he’s going to run out of mana.

Poor UFTimmy can’t heal no matter which class he plays… according to the PUGs.

PUGs don’t know shit.

UFTimmy consistently tops the healing charts, never seems to run out of mana (hax?), two heals content easily, part of the reason he doesn’t miss is that we had healers leave the raid so that he could come in and win a fight for us, rarely dies to bad or causes wipes – dude rocks. Heck, he was beating out Druids as a Holy Paladin and Druids are supposed to be the OP healer (part of the reason he switched to one).

Just don’t tell him I said it.


5 thoughts on “[WoW] Shiftybits Can’t Heal…

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    I don’t “gain” anything from hosting ads or anything so I don’t really care whether people view the actual blog or not. 🙂

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