[WoW/RIFT] Accounts Cancelled Early

I just cancelled my WoW and RIFT accounts and both will last until early November – exact same day actually. What are the chances of that? (/troll UFTimmy – I expect the same answer from Evolving Squid that I got from UFTimmy)

I’ll attend WoW raids while the account is still active but I’ll take a back seat on spots and loot to those that are sticking around. I gave the officers a heads up roughly a week ago but I haven’t actually told the members yet. I’ll hold off on that until closer to the subscription end date.

For RIFT I’ll probably pop on at irregular times to do some PVP – much like I was doing before.

There were interesting differences in the cancellation experience for each. For Blizzard they had a survey attached that adjusted based on input you gave and I think some of the points were quite cleverly available even if they didn’t apply. For example one of the reasons was a lack of friends or people to play with. On reading that I was immediately reminded of the people I do play with and how much fun they were to play with. Things like that. Also the survey finished with check boxes asking if Blizzard could contact me if they make changes to the game.

For Trion there was no exit survey no question about further updates to cancel. You just clicked a button.

Also different were the cancellation emails. Blizzard’s was much longer in explaining that I still had time left to play, that if I had other accounts tied to the BNet account I would have to cancel them too and reassuring about keeping your character data around. They just gushed of customer service even when you’re kicking them to the curb (potentially).

The cancellation email from Blizzard:

Hello there XXXXXXXXXX–

This message is being sent to confirm that all credit card information has been removed from the World of Warcraft account XXXXXXXXXX, effectively cancelling its recurring subscription as of 10/4/2011 15:37:51. The account will not bill or renew any further unless new payment information (credit card or game card) is manually entered in.

The account will remain playable for the remaining time it has already paid for. This account’s current prepaid time will expire on 11/3/2011 11:17:49.

Please Note: Cancelling one World of Warcraft subscription that has been merged to a Battle.net Account will not cancel all World of Warcraft Accounts which have been similarly merged. If you wish to cancel more than one subscription, you must cancel each individually.

To check your account status at any time, you can log into your Account Management page at this link, using your account name and password:


At this time, Blizzard has no plans to delete or “expire” characters, even if an account is deactivated or cancelled. This means that all of your characters and their progress will be retained on our servers. Should you decide to return to World of Warcraft and reactivate your account, you will be able to pick up your characters again wherever you left off.

In the event you have any other billing questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Billing & Account Services team for support. You can reply to this email directly, or call 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (800-592-5499) for live phone support between 8am and 8pm Pacific Time. Users in Australia should please call 800-041-378, if the standard 800 line does not work for them.


Billing & Account Services
Blizzard Entertainment

And the cancellation email from Trion:


This email confirms that you have canceled your automatic subscription renewal for RIFT. Your service will remain active, and you may continue playing, until Nov 3, 2011.

To restart your service or check your account status at any time, please visit Account Management at this link:


We’re constantly striving to improve RIFT, and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey. Please tell us about your time playing RIFT and what you thought of our service.

Thank you for being a member of the RIFT community! We hope to see you again in the future.

Trion Worlds

Not as nice and warm, is it? Oh look, there is the survey! It’s a link in the email.

Normally I’d skip the survey without a thought but I figure I’ll take a look. First few questions were very clinical and not the least bit warm, in fact, once again I got the feeling they didn’t know me and this was just a generic and unfeeling process. Questions like age, hours played, gender and some other generic questions are more about statistics than retention.

It’s definitely clear that Blizzard puts emphasis on retaining players and trying to keep in touch to draw them back in. This is another area that Blizzard has excelled at. I almost felt bad about cancelling WoW while with Rift it was mostly just a click. (Admittedly, I have stronger ties to people in WoW than in Rift).


6 thoughts on “[WoW/RIFT] Accounts Cancelled Early

  1. Honestly, if Besos or Dennis was there I would have passed it on to them. I considered passing it to you but you’re Resto/Balance so it’s nothing for you.

  2. Stole? Really? If he was there and participated they already qualify for it as long as they use it. Having it even when retiring is still more useful than giving it to someone for a vanity effect.

    Actually I hate that Blizzard puts stupid things on staffs like that, they should just make vanity glyphs to allow more customization.

  3. Oh no, I totally stole it. I was Master Looter so I nabbed it, said someone was at the door then DCed quickly.

    It wasn’t so much about the cool effect that the staff gives feral-kitteh druids as much as the fact that I knew I’d be leaving soon and I’d rather people that are staying keep and use stuff towards forward progression.

    I do agree about the glyph but sometimes these extra effects show up more as a status symbol than simple customization.

  4. malchome, Ima give you a break since you obviously don’t know me. Don’t take anything I say seriously.

    Except when I’m talking about Canadia.


  5. I can’t haz your WoW stuff because my WoW account was on a European server, so I won’t ask. My RIFT account has been cancelled for ages.

    I only play LotRO and EVE now.

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