[RIFT] No Resource Management Required

Means this class can just use their abilities without limit. This is bad. It’s even worse with PVP. And it’s worse still when healers don’t have to concern themselves with preserving mana.

Rift has a pretty big issue with healing in PVP right now. Some classes can get away with healing without using Mana because their ‘soul’ doesn’t use Mana to do this. Others seem to use mana but their mana never goes down or if it does, it’s because they’re keeping four or more people alive in one shot. It borders on the ridiculous.

To be fair, it also seems that Warriors don’t concern themselves much with their Stamina and Mages are more concerned about Charge than Mana (mostly).

Rogues? Recent patch changes to our energy regen make it pointless. I can sit there and spam AOEs without worry that I’ll be out of energy for some other ability. That’s bad.

That’s right – pointless. It’s more about the cooldowns and global cooldown than anything else right now.

EDIT: Oh! Another failing is use of damage shields. It appears they fixed Damage Shields not getting triggered for poison procs or ticks. That’s right, when your poison damaged that Warrior you’d get hit back twice; once for the melee strike and once for the poison proc. They fixed this but what they missed was DoT effects that aren’t poison (like Barbed Arrow which causes the target to take damage while they move) and ranged attacks.

I don’t play a spell caster, but I’m going to assume their spells don’t trigger damage shield effects because they shouldn’t. You’re not physically hitting the target in melee or with anything that is attached to you so you shouldn’t be impacted by the rift energy formed around them… 35 yards away.

Okay, given the state of things, I probably shouldn’t assume casters’ spells aren’t impacted by damage shields and maybe even their DoT ticks…


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