[RIFT] Rank 4 in PVP

I hit rank 4 in PVP the other day. It took a lot longer than when I was in rank 2. Added benefit was a few more pieces of armor and more weapons.

I immediately went with the rifle to upgrade my DPS since I’m running Marksman/Ranger/Infiltrator at the moment. I’m getting used to running with that spec and less so with the Assassin spec. I’ve actually gotten quite good at frustrating melee types with all my movement abilities, reload then all my movement abilities again.

I’ve upped my idiocy in the feedback; rabidly calling for healing nerfs in PVP. They’re probably not needed too much, but rather some fixes. It seems some healers don’t really operate off mana as much as others do and the costs for healing doesn’t dent their mana at all.

It frustrates the hell out of me to see me going one and one with a healer (and I’m sure there is no other healer around fixing them up) as I beat them down they pop right back up, I beat them down again and up they go again. I see their mana bar is still full. That just seems like there is something wrong to me.

Ah well. Not much longer now.


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