[LU] Lego Universe Free to Upgrade to Member!

Not really. It’s ‘free to play’ but the amount of content given to play in is quite minor and you’re constantly bombarded with ‘upgrade to member!’ type prompts it’s more about getting you to try the easy part of the game then sign up for the other stuff. There have been so many blocks and limitations thrown in your face that the LBO is ready to SMASH!

He gets it from me.

Meanwhile, LLO has been piggybacking on LBO’s trial account – which is what it is. It’s not free to play, it’s a damn trial – that’s all. Free to play games generally make their money by online purchases or with the ability to purchase content (gameplay areas included). I’m not seeing a lot of that from Lego Universe – ¬†granted I’m not really looking – but the kids appear to be locked into a small area and any attempt to leave the area pops up a note saying they need to upgrade to a full member.


They both still have another 3-4 months to go on their Roblox account so I’ve flat out said no and pointed that out. I do realize that I’ll be subscription free next month and I could easily sub the two of them for one game each since I won’t have any active subs (though I did pre-order Skyrim for PS3), but I don’t really want them to expect things for nothing.

So I’m going to cut cable and use that as an example of choosing one thing over the other. In the end it’s something I’ve been meaning to do and it’ll save me more than the cost of two monthly subs by a fair margin so that will be good.

I am tempted to just have one account and they share it, but I suspect they’ll want to play at the same time. I’m still considering it…


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