[WoW] I’m Out

Closet jokes aside, I’m pretty much done with WoW. I know I cancelled the account but I was still showing up for raids until someone made me realize I was pretty much on autopilot. Autopilot is what you do when you’re not engaged in what you’re doing. You’ve done it too often before and you don’t even have to think about it.

Sort of like driving to and from work. Sure, things are slightly different and you have to avoid the other assholes on the road, but for the most part you’re not really engaged with driving. It’s just something you do to get places.

Only with WoW there isn’t really much of interest. Yeah each attempt is different, but I not finding it fun anymore. Or interesting or even entertaining.

I did try creating an alt but I waffled around the 20 marker as I starting seeing stuff I had already done to death. And again, I was just jumping through the hoops for the levels, not really all that interested.

Random Ogre Thoughts – 99.99999% less WoW.

Hmm… that doesn’t sound right.


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