[LU] Lego Universe Changes

I’m hard pressed to find any significant changes to Lego Universe short of having to log into the patcher, patch, click play, then log in again…

Hai Lego Universe. One authentication please?

The few changes I have noticed seem to be around some of the puzzles – so far for taming pets. The LBO tamed a turtle which involved picking bricks to build a longcase clock and I think some of the other pets had different puzzles too. I do think they increased the drop rate of ‘class’ tokens, but I’m not sure since I haven’t actually played it – both the boys have been playing it quite a bit though so I’m mostly looking over their shoulder from time to time.

Oh, one difference is that they made subscribing a little easier. In fact, you’re almost better off creating a new account. Previously you had to create a parent account, tie yourself to the child accounts (after you create those too) then manage each account separately and buy game time for it. With a new account you just click one of the plentiful “Upgrade to Member!” buttons and you can create a Lego ID and skip creating a parent account (the option is still available if you’re so inclined). You can still pick between three subscriptions (one month, six months and a year) and you can turn on the recurring billing (which I didn’t). I admit this is much easier than it was previously

The LLO is having an easier time with it now but I don’t believe that’s due to any changes in the game. I think he was a little too inexperienced with PC gaming when I originally picked it up and since then he’s played numerous first person perspective games (Minecraft and Roblox mainly) on the computer so his manual dexterity is better. He’s also reading the quest text to determine what he needs to do which is nice. He’s already created a second character and is piddling around with that one too. He’s always had issues committing to one character, but that is pretty typical of young kids.

LBO is rolling through like a boss. Since it hasn’t changed all that much he’s rolling through the areas he has already done and seems to remember where everything was. As I said previously, it seems the class tokens drop more frequently so it’s not a huge farm fest and he’s working one his second level set for the Paradox dudes. He’s mostly focused on his one character, but will eventually create some more just to cover off each of the four classes available.

I did not create an account for myself or re-enable the previous one and I don’t really intend to though LBO is already asking if I’m going to swipe a character slot on LLO’s account so I can play with him. I might do that – though I might have to swipe one of the LBO’s slots so I can play with the LLO too.

You can find my previous comments about Lego Universe here.


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