[PC] First Loss on Sanctum

I played a little, probably for about one hour last night after the kids were in bed. I spent the whole time on one map which was quite tricky.

You have four platforms that are tied together sort of like a trident. At the tip of each spear point was the alien spawn area and at the bottom of the shaft *giggle* is the core that you have to protect from the aliens. Sort of like this:

S  S  S
X  X  X

The lines being a wall between the platforms which had tunnels and a blocking point so you could prevent all three from flooding through. The platforms are all connected with ramps that do not have building points on them.

I ended up creating blocking points to flush the aliens through the right side. The right side spawn had a little maze to get through to get to the middle which then had a short maze to get to the left which had a winding maze through most of the left side with a winding way back through the middle, to the right and then finally through to the back where there was another maze.

What did me in was a flier wave with lots of spores and darting bugs. I had adjusted the front three mazes to use Violators (drones that shoot air and ground targets) instead of mostly Anti-Aircraft seeking missile launchers which explode and do damage to multiple targets which would have made short work of the drones.

I was also upgrading a lot of ground targeting defenses and put down damage amps on the ground tiles of the maze which I don’t think impacts the fliers at all.

Ah well, I know what to change and I’ll give it another go.

Looking ahead, I think I have two more maps left to do, maybe three. That doesn’t seem all that long of a game but if you go back and play through it again doing things differently, it could extend the life of the game some.

One worry I have about not having a MMO to play is that I’ll rapidly consume single player games and my costs for video games will increase dramatically.


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