[LU] Found Them!

I got to putter around in Lego Universe some last night and I admit I did see some subtle changes and a few bigger ones.

The zones are mostly the same though there are a lot more quests and daily type quests available now. All pretty simple, but still more than I remember there being which is a good thing because I found it pretty sparse.

The faction tokens drop more frequently now and they’ve added a new choice per faction. The Sentinel group has Knight, Samurai and Space Ranger while Paradox has Marauder (?), Sorcerer and Assassin options. I didn’t look at the other two factions.

I know they added a couple of zones with one being sort of like a capital city and the other(s?) being adventure areas which I haven’t seen yet. I did venture into the Nexus Tower which hosts the advanced sets for the factions and headquarters for each of the faction and the bank! A much needed mechanism.

With the added quests the XP rewards are better and there is a smoother progression to the game since quests and achievements are the only ways to get XP.

I don’t remember the social system too much but I think the one they have in place is improved though it still lacks an easy method of getting to your friend (at least I haven’t found one) that games like Wizard 101 have.

Both kids seem much happier with it.


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