[MC] I LOLed When I Saw This

I popped over to Minecraft.net to see if they had any more news about the features and release which is supposed to be coming in around Minecon when I saw this and couldn’t help but laugh:

All I’m going to say is that I recognize one of the names and faces on there…

3 thoughts on “[MC] I LOLed When I Saw This

  1. Yeah okay, it does dig up people you know that liked Minecraft, but I only know one of those people. I did a refresh and got some different people including a cute blonde kissing her girl friend…

  2. Haha yes, I like Minecraft. I’ve found it to be a better alternative for the kids to play than some other games. If I can just keep them from griefing each other!

    I think there’s some algorithm with that FB widget though, almost every time I’m on the MC site I see your picture as well. I think it links known contacts in that way to re-enforce the “likey” ness of the product with your friends.

  3. Yup, apparently it does.

    I have the same problem with my guys grieving each other. It usually ends with the computers getting turned off and them up in their rooms for the night.

    At one point they even grieved me. Admittedly, it was a good job of it.

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