[WoW] Kung-fu Panda the MMO!

As usual, the upcoming expansion name is one of the worst kept secrets by Blizzard. It’s been awhile now that people knew the name was going to be “Mist of Pandaria” – it’s a running joke on shows like Legendary on Gamebreaker.tv and it had a lot of people scratching their heads.

Alright, so what are they giving you with that expansion which isn’t right around the corner (just think of how long ago it was that they revealed Diablo 3):

  • New talent system
  • Pandaren race
  • The region of Pandaria opens
  • New Monk hero class
  • Level cap raised to 90
  • Dungeon challenge mode
  • PVE Scenarios
  • Pet Battle System

I’d keep an eye on WoW Insider if you want to follow this.

From that list the coolest thing I see is the new Monk class. The Pandaren race is cute and fuzzy, I’m not afraid to call it like it is, but it’s a little too cute for my liking.

The rest mostly uninteresting.

Oh look, new expansion? Time to make your class different, so different that you’ll need to learn it all over again, assuming you don’t end up hating the changes they make.


Does that sound like it lacks enthusiasm? Yes? Good. That’s what I was going for.

Please don’t tell the kids about this, I could so see my eight year old asking to resubscribe for this.

2 thoughts on “[WoW] Kung-fu Panda the MMO!

  1. From what I heard they’re cutting down the trees and just giving players a class choice then it’s pretty standard from there on in except something like 6 choices over the 90 levels (I think).

    Tim probably knows more since he’s actually still following all this. 🙂

    However, I think it’s doubtful that they’ll restore your love for Warrioring.

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