[PS3] Batman: Arkham City

It was a cold, gray and drippey weekend and I was recovering from a cold so I decided to give Batman: Arkham City a try (once TheWife picked it up for me late Saturday afternoon). By the next day I had it beat.

It’s not a very long game if you focus mainly on the story missions and don’t deviate too much. I know I missed several things; 3/4 Riddler rooms, Zsasz’s last phone call, a bunch of trophies and Riddles. There was also mention of Deadshot and someone that was stealing the faces off of people but I didn’t get to follow up with those yet (I can still roam around the area even after beating the game).

I suspect there would have been more to the game if I could get the Catwoman DLC to actually DL and install but it didn’t work and it seemed to corrupt my game data (at least I tried this before actually starting the game).

Overall, lots of fun. It plays a lot like Batman: Arkham Asylum did only with a few different gadgets and I felt AA was longer than AC.

The Shark absolutely freaked me out. I think that whole section had me on edge.

Bosses I beat or defeated/interacted with? (Some spoiler information):

Two Face, Bane, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Clayface, Ra’s al Ghul, Hugo Strange, The Penguin, Solomon Grundy and Harley Quinn. I feel like I missing someone, but I think that’s a pretty decent list.

Of all the fights, it took me a bit to figure out Solomon Grundy but Clayface was one of the worst – for me.  Mr. Freeze was likely the hardest overall, mainly because it wasn’t a straight up fight and each time you got to beat on him he prevented you from using that method again.

I’ll likely poke around with it from time to time to see what I missed, but now that I’m feeling better, I’ve set it aside. It was definitely a good ‘rest and recover’ form of entertainment. I estimate about 12 hours was spent playing it (again, note that I did not do a lot of the side missions).

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