[TV] Heebie Jeebies

I watched Castle yesterday and have to admit they did a good job of making a Halloween episode. They went with ghosts and demons but it was set up in such a way that you were laughing while the hairs on the back of your neck were standing up. Camera work was great, background music set the mood and the sounds were creepy.

“Apparition American,” classic Castle.

I don’t think TheWife will want to watch it because that sort of stuff really creeps her out even though it wasn’t really a ghost. I love it when they venture into the unknown. This one is right up there with the alien abduction episode.

I should add that I was thoroughly fooled into not knowing who it was, but I’ll openly admit I knew it wasn’t who they thought it was before they discovered who it was.



One thought on “[TV] Heebie Jeebies

  1. I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but how can they top the Halloween episode from the first season?

    It opened with Castle dressed up Captain Mal and his daughter saying, “Wasn’t that like years ago? Aren’t you over that yet?”

    And then it closed with Castle’s Halloween party where all of the actors were dressed up as roles they had played before the show.

    Yeah, that was all beside the plot and something of an inside joke (I had just watched “Generation Kill,” so Espisito’s costume tipped me off), but it was great all the same.

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