[MMO] Paizo Working on Pathfinder Online

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I’m still looking for a professionally made software service that allows you to take pen and paper games to the computer allowing you to bypass that whole geographical location thing that often gets in the way of pen and paper gamers. Really this sort of thing makes more sense as a monthly fee type service and would cost a lot less to develop. Also it wouldn’t have to face off against the existing beasts out in the MMO market. I suggested as much on their forum but haven’t checked back to see what sort of fanboism the post inspired.

I realize that Wizards was working on something like that for D&D 4e, but it was squashed which really is too bad. I know a lot of people that I played MMOs with would really love to rekindle that experience the main deterrent is finding a group (go figure!) to play with or reconnecting with friends and former group members that have moved away.

But hey, let’s scrounge around for investors to create this brand spanking new MMO! Then lets design it so the mechanics don’t reflect the RPG system it is based on, because that would be weird.

The FAQ has some more vague details if you’re curious.

Despite my grumblings, I’ll keep an eye on this…

[TOR] What to Play?

All of them.

I’m sure I’ll end up playing most of the classes since I do enjoy playing alts and advancing characters but also because I know I’ll have a stable of characters that I’ll play with the boys. That means I’ll focus my game time on the Empire side of things, but play with the kids on the Republic side.

What I play on the Republic side will be determined by what they play but I’m guessing I’m going to spend a fair bit of time healing so that likely means Jedi Consular and Trooper mainly.

On the Empire side, I may take a look at the Sith Warrior and most definitely play a Bounty Hunter. I suspect I’ll end up taking the Bounty Hunter as a main, but who knows? If I like tanking as a Juggernaut, I may make the Sith Warrior my main. I generally find things go smoother when someone competent is running the tank character, that and I will have an easier time finding groups.

Overall, there didn’t seem to be any one choice that wasn’t fun or amusing (I didn’t try the Imperial Agent or Sith Warrior). In WoW (and the multitude of other MMOs I played) there were certain classes I just couldn’t get into – Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Druid, though I did force myself to try something different and eventually leveled a Mage and Druid. To be fair, SWTOR really only has four classes since they’re mostly mirrored; yes the abilities on each side are different, but they’re also fairly similar. I think  at one point over the weekend I said to myself, “I’m not too keen on being a caster, but I really do want to see where this Sith Inquisitor goes!” which is definitely off for me.

I will definitely be playing with my sons on a PVE server though I’m not quite sure if I want to play on a PVP server on my own.


[TOR] Lack of Pants Continues!

There has been a long running gag about me and not wearing pants in game (or out). I once tanked several heroics on my Paladin with no pants and no one, not even the healer, noticed until the end of the last one. Every now and then I’d slip the character pants off and dance. I’d often greet hellos and guild chat with, “Has anyone seen my pants? No? Good!” and the like.

So, I found it amusing that while I was playing my Sith Inquisitor this weekend I found these nice new pant drops, equipped them and discovered they didn’t have a model/graphic yet – I was running around without any pants!


Being a good tester (though it pained me greatly) I had to report the bug. I wish I took a screen capture of the bug because I included the motto for the Pantsless Revolution, “Down with pants!” in it. I got a response this morning from customer service which is actually somewhat in character so I’m going to share:

Greetings Mosheer,

I am Protocol Droid S3-Q1 of Human Cyborg Relations…

Thank you for contacting us regarding your character that is not showing its armor as equipped. Your report has been forwarded to the relevant department, who will investigate further. We regret we will be unable to provide you with further updates on this issue, but recommend checking future patch notes for any up to date information.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and to thank you again for the valuable feedback you have provided. Please do not hesitate to report any other issues you may encounter during testing.

Galactic Support is our specialty…


Protocol Droid S3-Q1, aka Rochelle

Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

Hai Rochelle. Did you know I wasn’t wearing any pants when I logged that bug?


More on the beta and some of the improvements I witnessed later.

[TOR] Beta Weekend

I am in the TOR beta weekend coming up as is the LBO. TheWife is going to be taking the LLO out to a party early afternoon which is going to give me and the LBO plenty of time to muck around in the beta.

I’m going to have to contain myself and refrain from looking at the Smuggler class and the Sith Warrior because I’m interested in playing those two classes on release (as well as the Bounty Hunter). I also want to avoid having the LBO play the Empire because it might be a little too vicious for him (though he did play through the Deathknight starting area and enjoyed it… which scares me a little). That leaves me with a couple of options to try out on the weekend:

  1. Sith Inquisitor –  I’m curious to see how this plays in comparison to the Jedi Consular so I will definitely take a look at this when the LBO is in bed because I know I’ll be overly evil and vicious!
  2. Jedi Knight  – It will be interesting to see how the starting quests for this class differ from the Consular (or not) and I am curious about how tanks tank. I’ll likely play this one with the LBO unless he picks Smuggler or Trooper class to play.
  3. Trooper – I never got too far with that and it could be neat to see how it tanks. I may play this alongside the LBO if he picks a Smuggler or other Trooper.
  4.  Imperial Agent – I’m not sure how evil they are or have to be, I could play a goodly one though and aim for some Lightside points. Again, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the same area that the Bounty Hunter started in.
  5. Jedi Consular – I’ve also already played the Jedi Consular so I’m not too keen on playing through that again – not that it was bad, I just want to see something different. But I’ll take it if it makes sense to have it to play along side the LBO.

I’d prefer to play the Imperial Agent over the Trooper but the Trooper has a couple of things going for it that the Imperial Agent doesn’t. Mainly that I have done Hutta from a Bounty Hunter perspective and I’d like the

As noted above, I’m going to avoid the Smuggler, Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter so I don’t spoil anything, see something new and avoid doing anything too evil with the LBO around.


I forgot to mention this in my big long spiel about my experiences with TOR but I have to comment on the loot system.

It’s good.

My Pathfinder group often jokes about our EQ days where I was quick to loot. In my defense, I was often tank running out and pulling mobs so I’d loot and scoot every couple of mobs just to keep things coming. And when they mentioned looting, it became a game, a competition… could I deny them loot by being faster?

I was so fast they have a standing joke that I often looted the mob before it died (which I did do as a Rogue with the Pick Pocket ability) suggesting the EQ chat window would say:

Smaken Dahed has looted a orc warrior!
a orc warrior was slain!

Good times.

That said, the loot system and options in TOR are much better for ensuring you get your loot, you don’t miss good loot by missing a corpse or assuming it’s just garbage and you almost never lose loot off a corpse because you can’t seem to mouse over it right.


Obviously the loot system splits ‘coin’ drops and has a round robin approach to trash items. You have the whole Need/Greed/Pass system which you can adjust to only care about blue items or higher. Nothing new there.

Autoloot – this is the common option. When you click on a corpse you’re presented with the contents of the creature or it’s loot. Normally you have to click each item to take it, auto loot just automatically takes it all. This is nothing new, WoW had this.

Area Loot – this is a newer option that lets you loot nearby corpses by looting just one target. Very useful if you’ve just slaughtered a community of sand people so several are stacked up on top of each other. One click and it’s all yours! This also isn’t new, you had this in Rift.

Loot Quality Indicator! In TOR you see a pillar of light to show you that there is loot on a corpse. The color of the light reflects what is on the corpse. White is mostly cash and trash. Green, blue, or other item rank colors show up when items of that quality are on there. I believe it will show an orange or yellow color if there is a quest item on there. This is new, not ground breaking, but more of a ‘quality of life’ type change.

Personally, I love it but I do admit it takes some of the excitement out of looting and finding a rare blue or purple item. I guess it’s just a different kind of excitement – you know it’s there, but is it cool and can you use it?

Nice little change.


[TOR] Gamebreaker.tv Has Stuff!

Just letting people know, Gamebreaker.tv has a show dedicated to TOR which isn’t half bad if you have some time to kill or need some background noise at work.

They’re recently starting to put up some game play videos of TOR mainly from a starting perspective so there are spoilers involved.

Currently up there are the mirrors ‘caster’ Jedi/Sith classes: Consular and Inquisitor.

Take a look if you’re curious.

[PC] Skyrim Owns Me

I played this a ton over the weekend which included caving in on Friday and getting for the PC via Steam. I was getting a little too frustrated with the PS3 controller and felt I was missing out on the ranged aspect of the game too much. I also dreaded the loading screens which were up long enough to show me two messages per loading screen.

On the PC? I barely have the time to read the message that shows up on the loading screen.

Severely missing archery and destruction spell casting, I decided to make my first character a Dark Elf Nightblade (Rogue with Mage spells). I focused my perks on Sneak, Archery and Destruction, with a few points going into One Handed Weapons and maybe a tad into Light Armor.

I played a lot. Zipping through some of the quests I’d already done and doing a bunch more. I soon got the hang of Sneaking around to the point that targets could stand right in front of me but not get see me. It was crazy. I started to rely more on Stealth and Archery than I did my Destruction abilities. I quickly shot up into level 20 and found there was no end to quests. In fact, I felt like I was drowning in them and I hadn’t even left the first hold (voluntarily – Sanguine fun took me on a tangent).

So I started over. Again. This time I decided I’d play a pure Mage (I blame UFTimmy for sharing his Mage experiences in Skyrim with me over Steam’s IM). It was crazy fun too. I focused mainly on Destruction, some Restoration and a dabbling in Enchanting. He’s up around level 11 now and is the Arch-mage of the college in Winterhold (which was startlingly smaller than I expected Winterhold to be).

I do intend to get back to the Nightblade and roll a melee type as well (I am considering a Paladin type; 1h, blocking, restoration, heavy armor and maybe even speech). But, I think I’ll continue with the Mage and get back on the track of the main story line.

I think I’ll take a run at completing the game then continue playing in around the various areas afterwards.