[IRL] Hard to Say

So I’m just going to come out and say it.

There won’t be a LGO.

We lost her due to the umbilical cord wrapping twice, tightly around the neck. This happened less than a week after we had an all is well ultrasound.

The boys are taking it well enough, they don’t really have a concept of what happened or what it means. For them it means they won’t have a little sister, they won’t need to share a room, mom can do more active things because there isn’t a baby in there anymore and stuff like that. They don’t realize how much their mom (and her mom) really wanted a little girl. I was really excited, but this is something TheWife wanted badly.

One thing I never considered (perhaps it was the shock of what was happening) was how large the fetus is after five months of grow and the fact that you have to induce labor to get it out. That was a hard thing to think of, live through and watch my wife have to do.

She was incredibly strong to do so and retain her sanity. It’s hard to believe that I could love her more after such and event, but I do.

I want to thank everyone that sent their kind thoughts, prayers and gifts; they’re not required but they are appreciated.

We’re doing fine, just hard to think about sometimes. The last thing to do is pick up the ashes and urn they’re in which we’ll be doing shortly.


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