[MMO] Subs Up

My subscriptions for World of Warcraft and Rift are done.

I meant to pop into Rift and give over my trade goods, coin and other trade-capable items to the folks that helped me out over there but I didn’t get around to it.

I did manage to get onto WoW a week or two ago and I dumped about 16k gold onto UFTimmy who says he’ll keep it warm for me until I come back – his way of  suggesting I’ll be back.

Maybe I will be, but I’m not planning on it anytime soon.

I do admit that the Diablo 3 throw in for a year sub of WoW was pretty damn tempting even if I didn’t play WoW for the next couple of months.

Damn you Blizzard.



5 thoughts on “[MMO] Subs Up

  1. I’ve told myself many times that I’m never going back, but eventually I do. This time however I think it’s permanent because of TOR. That’s just me.

  2. You should have given it to me. Tim will spend that money like sailor that just pulled into Thailand.

  3. My WoW sub is up as well. Unfortunately the more I read and see about TOR, the less likely I feel it will be a long term game for me. It’s *more* of a sandbox than WoW. I can’t imagine even more constraining storyline being interesting – and even less interaction with other people on the server as I solo my way up to some kind of end-game content. Meh, we’ll see. Diablo III looks good enough to hold my interest for a while if TOR falls flat.

  4. I’m not sure it’ll be a game I’ll invest in as much as I did with EQ, EQ2 or WoW, but it should do for the distraction I’m hoping for and doing something more casually.

    I admit, I sort of liked not ‘having’ to log in at set times in the week and play. The wife enjoys having me around and I’m more available for the kids – yeah, I generally played after they went to bed, but sometimes on weekends or when new content was out I might have been on while they’re still up.

    I’m not going to kid myself, I’ll play the crap out of SWTOR when it comes out, but with no firm ties to the game, it’ll be easier to step away from.

    I’m going to be that guy in the PUG that disappears all the time and who you boot because he hasn’t moved for 30 minutes. hehe

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