[IRL] Level 14 Software Lead and Tester LFW

It’s that time of year and I was impacted – it came as little surprise. It’s not an immediate impact, rather I’ve been given noticed and will be staying for three months to tie up loose ends and perform a series of knowledge transfers as required. I completely understand why it was done, it’s not the direction the company is investing in for the future. I’m not bitter and angry though it is a downside of being totally awesome (that I have to stay on for three months). Despite the apparent narrow focus on one product I was given several side tasks and opportunities which helped me increase my skill set. While it’s an example of my versatility and capability to handle a larger workload effectively, it’s also a tribute to my previous manager who encouraged and directed me towards these extra tasks.

I’m not sure if the extension into the next year is a good thing or a bad thing really. Part of me wants to get out there now and start looking, but I worry they won’t be willing to wait for me to start a little further into the next year. I also worry the pickings might be slimmer later. I’ve heard mixed messages about hiring tending to be during the beginning of the next year usually, but I’ve heard otherwise as well. Either way, I’ve brushed up my LinkedIn profile and will continue to make adjustments. I’ve had a number of placement agencies and companies I’ve coordinated in the past contacting me through that so that’s positive.

A number of people aren’t sure if they want to continue in the software industry, though the thought never crossed my mind. I enjoy software development especially automation and design.

I’m doing fine, they’re giving me a generous severance after I put in the extra time and I’ll continue to get a large number of incredible benefits over that time. It might seem like another kick while I’m already down, but I’m not looking at it as that. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to do something different and new.

I’ll stop there since I don’t want this to turn into an online resume. 😉


2 thoughts on “[IRL] Level 14 Software Lead and Tester LFW

  1. Good luck! Keep up the positive attitude when applying and interviewing; it will make a world of difference compared to other people.

  2. Damn, sorry to hear about this, but then again it seems you’re well-positioned for other work. Hopefully you find something soon, and get to spend that severance on the wife and kids 🙂

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