[IRL] Overwhelmed

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I’ve got a large dark cloud of things that need to get done hovering over my head so I’m going to list them to add some order to that chaos floating overhead and sort out what is nagging me that shouldn’t be…

  1. Review severance package and Release agreement: done.
  2. Review finances (with someone more knowledgeable about them than I am): done.
  3. Sign Release agreement and hand it over to HR: done.
  4. Update LinkedIn profile: done.
  5. Write recommendations for colleagues on LinkedIn: not started.
  6. Complete resume writing course to brush up on current resume trends: done.
  7. Update Resume: started.
  8. Get Resume out to head hunter that was referred to me: waiting on 7.
  9. Send contact info for colleagues that may want to use me as a reference: not started.
  10. Write lots of documentation at work: started.
  11. Call Rogers and drop to Basic Cable package: done.
  12. Call Rogers back and let them know I don’t want to pay someone 50$ to remove an extra cable from my house: not started.
  13. Call Rogers and ask them why I’ve got roaming charges on my phone when I haven’t left the city in a month: not started.
  14. Get some interviewing clothes: not started.
  15. Spend time with kids: ongoing.
  16. Continue with hobbies (Pathfinder/video games): ongoing.
  17. Visiting friends and family: ongoing.

I might add to that list the more I wake up.

I think the important and quick items to do are #9 since those people are likely out there looking right now where as I’m not giving it my all at the moment since I’ve got about three months of work to do at the current place before I’m fully released. I really should follow up with number five where more immediately required.

I was really impressed with LinkedIn. I immediately had contact with three head hunters and joined a group of impacted colleagues that are sharing leads they find or are contacted with.

I have to also admit I really do appreciate the support I am getting from friends which is ranging from financial advice, references to placement agencies and passing along suitable job postings. It really does help take a lot of weight off my mind.

Numbers 11-13 are driving me bonkers and I need to steal some time to deal with them. I called to drop my cable package (which was VIP with the extra HD and one extra cable connection) right down to Basic when I saw that all the channels I watch in HD are available in the Basic cable package and it was over half the price of what I was paying. I also cancelled the HD PVR box I was renting at about 26$ per month. That is likely saving me close to 100$ per month. I’m not struggling with the bill, it just seems stupid to pay more for something I’m not using.

The rep from Rogers was really nice and helpful, though seemed somewhat confused. She noted there was a special on package changes that meant they’d waive the usual technician fees. However, she called back later (I got a message on my phone) saying she couldn’t waive the technician fees.

Now I understand that Rogers wants to be sure I’m not using services I’m not paying for, I get this. I could easily plug the cable into a purchased box or right into the TV and get a second cable TV TV without paying them for it. That said, I’m more than willing to let them remove that wiring/connection because I really don’t intend to use it. I am fine with one connection and the box I purchased a year ago (which they have on file). I don’t see why they need to charge me to protect themselves.

Any thoughts about charging an admission fee to my house?

The other issue I’m having is I was hit with some text messaging fees (I blame UFTimmy) but then also for roaming fees. I’m not really sure where the roaming fees come into play so I need to follow up and ask about it. Depending on the answer Rogers gives me about, I may end up adjusting my cell phone service.. downwards.

I’m already unhappy with the service and that doesn’t even  include my issues with their new modem/router they’re supplying which is pointing to their DNS which is causing me to have blind spots on the web when I’m at home.

I will admit, I am very tempted to switch to Bell.

Skipping to number 16, I was happy to get out and to the Pathfinder RPG group I usually game with. This was last night and I had a lot of fun. It also helped that the host had a 30 pound turkey to get rid of so his wife and a relative that was visiting cooked up a nice big turkey dinner for us. It was fantastic!

Also great to surround yourself with friends and just have a good time.

I’ve been a little spoiled in that department lately because I also visited some friends on the weekend and had a really good time there too. Again, there was a great meal served – pot roast. It was amazing as well since the host has been dabbling in cooking classes and really enjoys it.

Well, I have a list and an idea of priorities so I’m going to start getting them done.


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