[PC] Skyrim Owns Me

I played this a ton over the weekend which included caving in on Friday and getting for the PC via Steam. I was getting a little too frustrated with the PS3 controller and felt I was missing out on the ranged aspect of the game too much. I also dreaded the loading screens which were up long enough to show me two messages per loading screen.

On the PC? I barely have the time to read the message that shows up on the loading screen.

Severely missing archery and destruction spell casting, I decided to make my first character a Dark Elf Nightblade (Rogue with Mage spells). I focused my perks on Sneak, Archery and Destruction, with a few points going into One Handed Weapons and maybe a tad into Light Armor.

I played a lot. Zipping through some of the quests I’d already done and doing a bunch more. I soon got the hang of Sneaking around to the point that targets could stand right in front of me but not get see me. It was crazy. I started to rely more on Stealth and Archery than I did my Destruction abilities. I quickly shot up into level 20 and found there was no end to quests. In fact, I felt like I was drowning in them and I hadn’t even left the first hold (voluntarily – Sanguine fun took me on a tangent).

So I started over. Again. This time I decided I’d play a pure Mage (I blame UFTimmy for sharing his Mage experiences in Skyrim with me over Steam’s IM). It was crazy fun too. I focused mainly on Destruction, some Restoration and a dabbling in Enchanting. He’s up around level 11 now and is the Arch-mage of the college in Winterhold (which was startlingly smaller than I expected Winterhold to be).

I do intend to get back to the Nightblade and roll a melee type as well (I am considering a Paladin type; 1h, blocking, restoration, heavy armor and maybe even speech). But, I think I’ll continue with the Mage and get back on the track of the main story line.

I think I’ll take a run at completing the game then continue playing in around the various areas afterwards.


7 thoughts on “[PC] Skyrim Owns Me

  1. Mike said something about dragons not spawning once you finish the main story line. He said he rushed through it then started a new character when he found that out.

  2. I’m not sure, I haven’t done it yet. I keep getting distracted by side quests and stuff. I haven’t even advanced the main quest out of the first chapter.

    I settled on an Orc Warrior: Heavy Armor, Blocking, One Handed, Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy. I got him up to about level 11 or 12 and he’s working his way through the Companions quests.

    I found the Mages College was good, but also a little short – shorter than in previous games. Still, very worthwhile for Mages to do.

    Did you pick this up yet, Chris?

  3. No, the Morrowind interface was giving me a headache (all of these types since Doom have); it is at tempting to try it again just because so many people seem to like it, but I was wondering how long an investment in time it is? A 40-50 hour character build like NWN2 or Dragon Age? or is it like a single player WoW grind to level 80? I also like to try out multiple alts, so I am not sure I want to have a game I don’t have time to really play.

  4. It’s a lot like Morrowind then and I think you might suffer from the same headaches. It’s not as fast paced and moving as a FPS, but it’s still a mostly FP game.

    The time investment is pretty long because you can complete the main quest and just keep going doing the other quests and stuff afterwards. It’s very sandbox like. There are factions that you can quest for as well; Mages, Companions (sorta fighters guild), Bards (I think), and two opposed factions that I’ve seen so far (Imperial Order and Stormcloaks). There should also be a Thieves’ guild line (though I haven’t seen it) and a Dark Brotherhood line. Not 100% sure though.

  5. Ok, picked it up. The first night was rough, but I have adjusted the mouse speed and other adjustments and spend a lot of time scrolled back over the shoulder and it seems to be ok. Was playing most of the weekend and having a great time. Too bad it is a solo game, but it is pretty neat. Doing a destruction/conjuration mage first. I keep planning to go to the mage college but keep getting sidetracked. Only level 13 at the moment.

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