I forgot to mention this in my big long spiel about my experiences with TOR but I have to comment on the loot system.

It’s good.

My Pathfinder group often jokes about our EQ days where I was quick to loot. In my defense, I was often tank running out and pulling mobs so I’d loot and scoot every couple of mobs just to keep things coming. And when they mentioned looting, it became a game, a competition… could I deny them loot by being faster?

I was so fast they have a standing joke that I often looted the mob before it died (which I did do as a Rogue with the Pick Pocket ability) suggesting the EQ chat window would say:

Smaken Dahed has looted a orc warrior!
a orc warrior was slain!

Good times.

That said, the loot system and options in TOR are much better for ensuring you get your loot, you don’t miss good loot by missing a corpse or assuming it’s just garbage and you almost never lose loot off a corpse because you can’t seem to mouse over it right.


Obviously the loot system splits ‘coin’ drops and has a round robin approach to trash items. You have the whole Need/Greed/Pass system which you can adjust to only care about blue items or higher. Nothing new there.

Autoloot – this is the common option. When you click on a corpse you’re presented with the contents of the creature or it’s loot. Normally you have to click each item to take it, auto loot just automatically takes it all. This is nothing new, WoW had this.

Area Loot – this is a newer option that lets you loot nearby corpses by looting just one target. Very useful if you’ve just slaughtered a community of sand people so several are stacked up on top of each other. One click and it’s all yours! This also isn’t new, you had this in Rift.

Loot Quality Indicator! In TOR you see a pillar of light to show you that there is loot on a corpse. The color of the light reflects what is on the corpse. White is mostly cash and trash. Green, blue, or other item rank colors show up when items of that quality are on there. I believe it will show an orange or yellow color if there is a quest item on there. This is new, not ground breaking, but more of a ‘quality of life’ type change.

Personally, I love it but I do admit it takes some of the excitement out of looting and finding a rare blue or purple item. I guess it’s just a different kind of excitement – you know it’s there, but is it cool and can you use it?

Nice little change.



4 thoughts on “[TOR] LEWTZ!

  1. This is kind of unrelated, but prompted by your chat window joke.

    I got a neat pair of messages in my combat log, back in my days raiding Molten Core, that made it look like I was sad about killing a lava annihilator.

    What happened was that, as we had to hug the annihilators to mitigate charge damage and push-back, I was skilling up my sword skill, after getting the Azuresong Mageblade from Golemagg. We chain-pulled a couple of annihilators, giving me the combat log message that the first one died, and then my puny sword skills made me swing and miss the second. But I liked the rather more poignant alternative reading. Still do.

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