[TOR] Beta Weekend

I am in the TOR beta weekend coming up as is the LBO. TheWife is going to be taking the LLO out to a party early afternoon which is going to give me and the LBO plenty of time to muck around in the beta.

I’m going to have to contain myself and refrain from looking at the Smuggler class and the Sith Warrior because I’m interested in playing those two classes on release (as well as the Bounty Hunter). I also want to avoid having the LBO play the Empire because it might be a little too vicious for him (though he did play through the Deathknight starting area and enjoyed it… which scares me a little). That leaves me with a couple of options to try out on the weekend:

  1. Sith Inquisitor –  I’m curious to see how this plays in comparison to the Jedi Consular so I will definitely take a look at this when the LBO is in bed because I know I’ll be overly evil and vicious!
  2. Jedi Knight  – It will be interesting to see how the starting quests for this class differ from the Consular (or not) and I am curious about how tanks tank. I’ll likely play this one with the LBO unless he picks Smuggler or Trooper class to play.
  3. Trooper – I never got too far with that and it could be neat to see how it tanks. I may play this alongside the LBO if he picks a Smuggler or other Trooper.
  4.  Imperial Agent – I’m not sure how evil they are or have to be, I could play a goodly one though and aim for some Lightside points. Again, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the same area that the Bounty Hunter started in.
  5. Jedi Consular – I’ve also already played the Jedi Consular so I’m not too keen on playing through that again – not that it was bad, I just want to see something different. But I’ll take it if it makes sense to have it to play along side the LBO.

I’d prefer to play the Imperial Agent over the Trooper but the Trooper has a couple of things going for it that the Imperial Agent doesn’t. Mainly that I have done Hutta from a Bounty Hunter perspective and I’d like the

As noted above, I’m going to avoid the Smuggler, Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter so I don’t spoil anything, see something new and avoid doing anything too evil with the LBO around.

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