[MMO] Paizo Working on Pathfinder Online

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I’m still looking for a professionally made software service that allows you to take pen and paper games to the computer allowing you to bypass that whole geographical location thing that often gets in the way of pen and paper gamers. Really this sort of thing makes more sense as a monthly fee type service and would cost a lot less to develop. Also it wouldn’t have to face off against the existing beasts out in the MMO market. I suggested as much on their forum but haven’t checked back to see what sort of fanboism the post inspired.

I realize that Wizards was working on something like that for D&D 4e, but it was squashed which really is too bad. I know a lot of people that I played MMOs with would really love to rekindle that experience the main deterrent is finding a group (go figure!) to play with or reconnecting with friends and former group members that have moved away.

But hey, let’s scrounge around for investors to create this brand spanking new MMO! Then lets design it so the mechanics don’t reflect the RPG system it is based on, because that would be weird.

The FAQ has some more vague details if you’re curious.

Despite my grumblings, I’ll keep an eye on this…


2 thoughts on “[MMO] Paizo Working on Pathfinder Online

  1. I think there has to be a way to get achieve a P&P game setting with technology. Sort of “Go To Meeting” meets D&D.

  2. Yeah, there are a number of third party options out there (I even wrote one that years ago that used ASP) though most of them don’t usually have tools hooked in or access to all the latest releases that a product from the originating company could do.

    Someone pointed me back to the D&D Insider which now has a virtual table in the beta. From the description it includes voice and text chat as well as all sorts of tiles and virtual miniatures. Also tie ins to the material and character generator tool.

    About time!

    Only problem is that no one I play RPGs with is all that interested in 4e hehe

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