[TOR] What to Play?

All of them.

I’m sure I’ll end up playing most of the classes since I do enjoy playing alts and advancing characters but also because I know I’ll have a stable of characters that I’ll play with the boys. That means I’ll focus my game time on the Empire side of things, but play with the kids on the Republic side.

What I play on the Republic side will be determined by what they play but I’m guessing I’m going to spend a fair bit of time healing so that likely means Jedi Consular and Trooper mainly.

On the Empire side, I may take a look at the Sith Warrior and most definitely play a Bounty Hunter. I suspect I’ll end up taking the Bounty Hunter as a main, but who knows? If I like tanking as a Juggernaut, I may make the Sith Warrior my main. I generally find things go smoother when someone competent is running the tank character, that and I will have an easier time finding groups.

Overall, there didn’t seem to be any one choice that wasn’t fun or amusing (I didn’t try the Imperial Agent or Sith Warrior). In WoW (and the multitude of other MMOs I played) there were certain classes I just couldn’t get into – Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Druid, though I did force myself to try something different and eventually leveled a Mage and Druid. To be fair, SWTOR really only has four classes since they’re mostly mirrored; yes the abilities on each side are different, but they’re also fairly similar. I think  at one point over the weekend I said to myself, “I’m not too keen on being a caster, but I really do want to see where this Sith Inquisitor goes!” which is definitely off for me.

I will definitely be playing with my sons on a PVE server though I’m not quite sure if I want to play on a PVP server on my own.



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