[RPG] D&D 4e Virtual Table Tool in Beta!

I’ve been a little remiss in following up with this because last I had heard Wizards had stopped work on the whole Virtual Table and DM tools for D&D Insider. Because of that (and the fact that my D&D group is now a Pathfinder group), I had let my D&D Insider subscription go.

It appears they did continue working on it and it is now in beta!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

4 thoughts on “[RPG] D&D 4e Virtual Table Tool in Beta!

  1. Hey, I’m not subscribed anymore and it’s been a few years since. It was 60$ for a year and over that time I had access to information from upcoming source books and released source books that I didn’t even own. It was a worthwhile subscription given that it cost me the amount I usually pay for two source books. On top of two magazine subscriptions.

    Heck, I was paying almost 20$ per week on food/snacks/beverages each week just for our regular play sessions.

    I would seriously consider it if I had a group of friends that played 4e (and if it worked right).

  2. Yah I was thinking the same thing as Timmy…. but you have a good point. The books are fairly expensive, it would quickly add up to a yearly subscription.

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