[TOR] To RP or Not to RP

I’m giving some consideration to picking a RP server to host my main.

Yes, I’m thinking about the type of server for my main when I’m not entirely sure which class will be my main. It’s what I do. If I can’t settle on one thing, I look at things tied to them and consider how they could impact the undecided area to help guide me towards a choice.

Friends have made it clear they don’t like PVP (wimps) so that sort of seals the deal there. I wouldn’t like the LBO or LLO play on a PVP server because I’d spend most of my time dealing with them being upset when someone ganked them (LLO more so than the LBO who enjoys PVPing on Roblox) or having to beat up a bully for them. I also wouldn’t want to put the kids on a RP server since I expect they’ll be using names that would give the hardcore RP elitists aneurysms.

That leaves me with normal PVE.

Which is bland.

So I’m considering having my main (it’s going to be Empire side anyway) on a different server from the one the kids are on. I’m leaning towards RP-PVP because I think it’d be fun playing an evil Sith Juggernaut or amoral Bounty Hunter. I’m not sure some of my friends from WoW will last long, assuming they even get into it but if they do like it and seem like they’re in it for the long haul, maybe I will focus on PVE.

Which leaves me looking at two different servers with up to four different characters; one to partner with the LBO, one for the LLO, one for grouping with friends and my evil main. That is assuming I can’t play my evil main with friends – that seems likely since I’ll have several days head start on them.

Hmm… I guess the easy solution is to play on a PVE server with the boys and friends, maybe have another ‘just me’ character on a RP-PVP server or something?



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