[TOR] Yes!

I’m having a blast so far.

I gave a Sith Warrior a go on Shadow Hand (which is almost always full) and leveled him up to 11, went Juggernaut for advanced class and up the tank tree a little (2 points is a little). It was fun, there were definitely similarities with the Sith Inquisitor line, common quests, but class quests were quite different.

Unlike the Bounty Hunter, you get a companion that is another DPS class. I guess that helps if you want to focus on tanking – though I didn’t feel I wasn’t doing good damage. (Double negative there – I felt I was doing decent enough damage.) I made  him out to be a bloodthirsty bastard, though he wasn’t keen on torturing his companion and I ditched the collar as soon as I could which made Vette happy.

I flipped over to do a Jedi Consular, and that was fun despite having done it in beta, I wasn’t painful to go through again. I played him much the same I did previously, very peace focused and tied strongly to the Jedi ways. I got him up to 12th after getting him off Tython.

I also played through the Esseles mission with my brother-in-law who was playing a Jedi Sentinel (DPS version of the Jedi Knight). We used our companions to fill out the group, mine was a tank and his was just extra DPS or a back up tank. It worked well enough until the first boss where we engaged him and part way through adds come which were missed so I took heal aggro and could only do so much before dying. We managed to get the boss dead then the BIL cleaned up the trash and revived me.

On from there it was easy aside from an optional boss after the big robot. It was another big robot (nerd rage – droid!) that was really tough. It took us four attempts to get it down. I tried to keep the companions up as long as possible, and healed the BIL when he didn’t get out of the bad (which he got better  at) and once the companions died, I simply heal tanked the boss while the BIL did his damage. On the third attempt I tried kiting the boss but that just forced the BIL to lose out on some of his better DPS abilities – in effect, I was kiting the boss and the boss was kiting the BIL because of it.

We beat it and got some pretty cool Jedi swag out of it but stopped after beating the mission since I had to go pick up the kids.

More recently a friend (Carleys a.k.a. Jason) has picked it up to try it out and he’s loving it. I’m loving listening to him go on about how hot his Sith Master is over Skype. He’s killing me. I gave him a hand with some of the heroic areas on my Sith Warrior then flipped over to my Bounty Hunter (which is going to be my main, it’s just too much fun) to try to catch up to him.

I went a little different with the Bounty Hunter. First, I went Powertech to be able to tank and second I’m playing him as someone that is honorable when it comes to the contract. You hire him? He’ll do it and not flip sides for extra credit which has been interesting to see the differences in the quests when you do that. Previously I was taking the extra creds to flip sides and there are definitely differences, not big, but ones that make sense.

Well, I’m off to play some more. I’m so hooked dammit.


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