[TOR] Loading Screen

I fear I might sound a little too fanboi-like for uttering this, but I can’t help it…

I love the loading screen when you pick a character and log on to a server.


Because I’m a fanboi?

No. Because it’s a reminder of where I was with my character.

I took a quick moment to actually read what was on the loading screen and I was surprised to see that it was telling me where I left off.

You see, as a Bounty Hunter you have to get to the Great Hunt and it’s a long and painful path from being recommended to actually earning the final spot. My last session ended with me completing the first two of my three bounties to qualify for the melee which determines which Bounty Hunter gets the last spot on the roster in the Great Hunt. My last bounty involves working for the Imperial Intelligence.

The loading screen laid this all out for me, knowing where I was, what I was doing and why I was doing it.


Next generation of loading screens!


2 thoughts on “[TOR] Loading Screen

  1. Yes.

    No. 😥

    Tim is taking a break from WoW, he isn’t sure if he’ll go back, but he’s really enjoying SWTOR. Downside of SWTOR is that while in Mumble with him he constantly mutes/deafens himself to watch the quest cinematics. hehe

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