[GEN] Seasons Beatings!

On a holiday break so I’ve been slacking with the blog. Not a lot going on.

Christmas was good, Little Ogres are happy, TheWife is happy (especially since I went over the limit she set for presents) and the rest of he family is doing well.

It has been pretty cold lately so not much outdoor activity going on. That means the LittleOgres have been inside playing on the computer which means I haven’t been playing nearly as much SWTOR as I want to.

Its been painful trying to juggle Republic and Empire characters, which means I am mostly playing the Empire side though not nearly as much as I want. My Bounty Hunter is close to 30 while my Republic side characters (and my Sith Warrior) are just over 11. I recently started a Sith Inquisitor Assassin which has been fun and I’ll get back to it when I kick the kids off the computers.

The kids have barely played SWTOR (bite me Tim) so I suspect I will be canceling their subscription. They’ve not played with their Lego, DS or PS3 games either – I am so happy we bought them all that.

By the way, I typed this whole thing out on my iPad which hasn’t contributed to my mood at all. Fucken type fix or hint bullshit keeps fucking everything up. Here’s a design tip for those idiots at Apple… Make it so you tap the hint to apply it, not tap it to dismiss it. I write ” to” and it turns into “Tom” .  And trying to tap to position the cursor? Ugh. Pop up some arrow buttons to navigate through the word. I had to correct the auto-shit 10 times in this paragraph.

Fuck Apple.

I’m off to Google how to turn that fucken thing off.

Have a Happy New Year.

One thought on “[GEN] Seasons Beatings!

  1. That is one thing that bugs me on the iphone, it is a real pain if you realize you need to make a change to something written a couple lines up- moving the cursor is tough do to to get it to the right spot (and it always wants to highlight the area to cut &paste it).

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