[MMO] TOR vs. WoW

I’ve taken some time to do some reading around the blogosphere and one of the comments that makes me giggle the most is the high requirement of suspension of disbelief for TOR.

But Space Goats and Panda-men requires less?

They’re both MMOs. Games. One based in fantasy genre and the other in science fiction – neither real. You’ve suspended disbelief the moment you recognize a Tauren can’t drop a flamethrower totem in real life any more than a Bounty Hunter could use a jetpack to perform a rocket powered uppercut.

Okay, bad example because the rocker powered uppercut could possibly be done…

TOR has a lot of failings in the UI that are commonly mentioned which seem a little inexcusable; no UI scale, no macros and  not much for customization.

Addons missing is usually a push for new MMOs, but given how much they spent on the developing the game, I’m a little surprised they weren’t there on release. Well, I wasn’t surprised since I was in the beta, but you know what I mean. It should have been there.

Gameplay is like a previous incarnation of WoW is another one.

Yes. It is.

And I like it.

My biggest complaints with WoW was how homogenized all the classes and their specs became. They all played the same or had very similar patterns. In their mission to make the game require more thought (priority system), they made it play almost entirely the same.

I like that if I go Sith Inquisitor: Assassin and go up one tree it plays differently from the other. My focus shifts from one set of abilities to another. I like that I have a lot of devices and options available to me that I can use to pick apart encounters that would kill me if I didn’t plan them out. I like that I’m not just making a choice between two buttons at a given moment or trying to simply stay out of the bad.

WoW’s changes aren’t for the better.

The other comment is about the story lines and how they tire around the 20s. I’ve got a Bounty Hunter through the 20s and I loved it. I still look forward to chasing down the other marks because how I get at them is different and interesting. I still enjoy my Sith Assassin who is looking for artifacts scattered across the planets.

I love that I can actually be evil. WoW doesn’t give you that option. The closest they ever came to that was the Deathknight starting area. A friend best described the Horde as being, “the Diet Coke of Evil” which is a true statement, heck it doesn’t feel like there is a war going on! Admittedly they did better at making Deathwing seem like a badass, but short of that? Horde and Alliance were working together!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not (entirely) bashing WoW, it’s a fun game, but it has had the corners rounded and bumper pads added on. If you like WoW, enjoy it. Have fun. Roll a panda soon.

If you like TOR, enjoy it. Have fun. Roll a Sith and fry people that disagree with you.

Because you can be evil.

It’s good to be bad.


2 thoughts on “[MMO] TOR vs. WoW

  1. Nice write-up Paul. I picked it up last week and I’ve had a blast playing it. So much fun that I have like 5 characters now – they are all so fun it’s hard deciding which to play.

  2. Hey, yeah I have the same problem. I’m currently playing a Sith Assassin and I like how it plays.

    One complaint I do have is the convergence of all the character paths. Yes, you have your class quests which gives you a different perspective on why you’re at a place, but then you have the common quests which vary in entertainment value. I found Nar Shadaa to be the weakest ‘common’ quest experience, though I did like the Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter side of things.

    It’s not a perfect game, but it really sucks you in.

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