[MMO] It Doesn’t Matter

So why have it?

What am I talking about?

Stamina in WoW and Endurance in TOR. This may apply to other games but I haven’t noticed it as much in other games or I haven’t played them recently enough to have witnessed any change in that area.

In Cataclysm the developers made a decision to even out the HP levels for most characters hitting 85. It, among other things, made things easier for them to design against because you know about where a player would be for health so they tied the amount of STA bonus you got from gear to the item level. Obviously enchanting and slotting gems for increased STA could make put you above this range, but that was fine. Most people didn’t bother with chasing STA even as a tank since STA was mostly out of the equation of things – mostly – so it was better to chase avoidance, mitigation and Mastery (again, talking tanks). If you look at your character sheet (as a level 85) you’ll notice you have two stats that are above the rest; your primary stat and your STA.

I’ve noticed the same trend SWTOR. Your prime stat (if you mouse over it the tool tip suggests you get four or more benefits from the stat, so it’s your primary) and your END are likely your two highest, mostly without even trying to get Endurance.

Kinda of makes you wonder if it’s worth even tracking?


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