[TOR] A Warning!

Everyone has a friend that goes to bed later than they do and in my case that’s UFTimmy. So I need to remember that when UFTimmy logs off for the evening (or early morning) that it should be taken as a warning that it’s late and I should get to bed.

This would best help me avoid being up at 3am playing TOR.

TOR has a way of doing that at parts – sucking you into the game and making you want to do just one more mission. I’ll dig into what’s going on, see new possibilities coming and chase them down – usually this involves the class quest line which I can’t get enough of.

Last night (or this morning) I ended up chasing down most of the quests in Taris. The main driving point was the opportunity to corrupt a young Padawan which sounded like a neat way to get a new companion. I won’t get into spoilers, but I’m a little excited to have this Padawan along though she sounds like she wants to resist being evil and following the Dark Side which might mean taking some hits in affection.

Has anyone else noticed that Khem Val doesn’t seem as durable or useful as he was in beta? Maybe some of that was that I played a Sorcerer in beta so I had heals?

I’ve gone out of my way to mod him with items that increase Defense and Absorption where possible and I try to keep his gear top of the line but as soon as I run into a mob that uses elemental type attacks, he drops like a rock. It’s like his shield generator never procs or something. He’s really fragile and it’s getting frustrating.

Aside from playing Sith all weekend, I did manage to get the LBO and LLO playing on their account which meant having to help them through Ord Mantell each and running the Esseles with them. I think I’ve done Ord Mantell about four times now and Esseles several times more than that – I still like the Esseles though I don’t know that I can stomach Ord Mantell again. Not that it’s a bad starting area, just that I’ve done it too many times. I did manage to get a Trooper (Commando-Medic) up to level 15 which was cool. It’s just too bad I have only got him out of the first area of Coruscant. This is the character I’m playing with the kids.

I also created a Jedi Knight who went Guardian and I’ve found that it feels only slightly different from the Sith Juggernaut. By that I mean the abilities are similar and the feeling of not having as many options available as other classes is the same. A lot of that has to do with their resource which is more of a build up then use resource mechanic which is unlike most of the other classes which are mostly about consuming the resource. The idea here was to create a tank for use with my sister (Consular) and her husband (Sentinel) but I’m not sure I’ll be able to juggle three characters, though that might depend on how much the LBO/LLO end up playing.

Oooh, I’ve gained a pair of new space missions!

Quick talk about space missions; they’re definitely amusing and can be profitable (even when grey) if you take out some of the extra targets. UFTimmy keeps telling me that if you blow up the bridge of a Destroyer or the central towers of a station you gain bonus XP – and you do appear to. It’s just not easy to do. Still, it’s a nice little break from running around shocking people into submission or murdering the innocent. (Sith are mean that way.)

A couple of ¬†complaints I have is that they do suddenly take a bit of a jump towards becoming harder – I don’t mind a challenge, but the second escort does take a big jump. Another complaint is that they repeat but add in more durability to the fighters flying around and they might have added a few other capital ships. I guess that means you can drop the older, grayed out similar missions.

Wicked fun though!



2 thoughts on “[TOR] A Warning!

  1. FWIW, the second escort missions is pretty widely considered the most difficult mission in the game, relative to your ship when you first get that mission.

  2. Yeah, I failed the first time (it was close) and the second time I succeeded (haven’t failed since) but it was really close. Now the shuttle ends up being about half.

    Just got a mission to defend a station from bombers. It was pretty fun, though I used up most of my missiles so I ended up having to resort to blaster fire only.

    I’m tempted to check the trade network for weapon upgrades (missile capacity) – though I know it doesn’t much matter in the grand scheme of things.

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