[IRL] F Automatic Garage Doors

Ice storm last night, not as severe as the one we had in 1998 but it’s still a pain. If you park your vehicle outside you end up with a sheet of ice over it; windows, doors, roof, hood – everywhere. Often you have to chisel your way into the car but once you’re in, you can start it up and turn on the heat. That usually causes the ice to lift and makes scrapping it off easier.

So that’s what TheWife and I were doing. She then asked to check the washer fluid (she uses a lot of it when she drives, being the clean freak that she is) so pop the hood, check, top it up from the washer fluid that is in the garage.

I’m getting the ice off the hood. If you don’t, one of two things happen and neither of them are good. First and worst is the ice from the hood could slide up to the windshield while you’re driving and obscure your view of the road (I learned this the hard way once) and second, it might slide up and over the car to hit the car behind you if you’re driving (this also happens if you don’t clear ice off the roof).

So I’m standing front of the van clearing the hood off with the garage door behind me when TheWife activates the garage door.

Any guesses as to what happened?

It opened. What did you expect?

Did you expect that the handle for the door hooked on the back of my winter jacket and started trying to lift me? Yeah, that happened too. Though I was quick enough to realize what was tugging on the back of my jacket so I unhooked myself quickly.

Good times.


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