[TOR] Alt.. NAO!

I’m already pushing level 43 with my main (Sith Assassin) and into Chapter 3 which is a little bit ahead of UFTimmy and way ahead of J-freak so I need to muck around with an alt or play less.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen – alt it is.

I’m trying to decide which class to play. On Shadow Hand (where I play my Empire toons) I’ve currently got:

  • Tox Obliteration – Sith Assassin – which is my main (level 42).
  • Fabinusar – Cyborg Bounty Hunter – which was my second toon which I thought would be my main, but I sort of preferred DPSing (level 27).
  • Smaken – Pureblood Sith Juggernaut – which was thought to be my original main, but I couldn’t really get into the Juggernaut (level 12).
  • Nasma – Human Imperial Agent – which I rolled last night and it’s interesting but the Empire side is starting to feel a little too familiar. I’ve been playing her as Imperial gung-ho; anything for the Empire, even if it’s good or bad, she doesn’t care (level 3).

On Nathema (where I play my Republic toons with family) I have:

  • Garviel – Mirulan Commando (Medic) – which I play with the kids so I can heal them and keep them alive (level 15).
  • Ezekyle – Human Gunslinger – which I was supposed to use next to the LLO’s Trooper but I ended up just focusing on Garviel instead (level 13).
  • Huo – Human Jedi Guardian – this was a character I considered playing with my sister and her husband. I thought I’d tank, she’d heal and he’d DPS but it’s tough connecting with them. Their times of play tend to be different from mine and they’re well ahead of me (level 11).

Of all the stories, I think the Imperial Agent and the Smuggler might be the next most interesting to me. I’m leaning a little more towards the Smuggler because it is different from the Empire side and it’s ranged which is kind of nice though if I level it enough to catch the family, we won’t really have a well rounded group so the tank seems to be the best suited alt. Every time I watch the Return cinematic I want to play a Smuggler.

I guess it doesn’t really matter which I play, it’s an alt but I’d like it to fall into being useful in some other way than self gratification (not that kinda, though a female Twi’lek Smuggler is tempting).

I don’t really care if my Sith Assassin is level 50, I’d still play it with UFTimmy and J-freak so long as I’m not impacting their experience gains. It’s weird. I feel like I need to ‘complete the game’ with my Sith Assassin even though I’m not really completing the game.


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