[MMO] Single Server MMO

Of course the whole ‘single server’ would just be a front, you’d have a ton of servers spinning up and down as needed for load balancing. Lots of instancing – oddly, a lot of games were pretty much set up with this; EQ2 comes to mind with how it instanced each of the zones when they hit a certain population amount.

EVE does this – sort of. It’s a bit of a push because of the whole ‘space’ thing. Zones aren’t as complicated as they are in the traditional MMOs. Still, the concept could apply…

Pathfinder MMO is supposed to do this much like EVE, though I’m not sure they’ll instance areas based on population or just have your video card melt into a heaping pile of silicon sludge as it tries to render a few thousand people on screen.

Then there is the whole concept of server downtime. What happens if the server goes down? It’s not like you’d be able to just over to another server for a bit. Minor concern, but still – one hitch brings everyone done, not just however many were on that server – unless its carefully designed.

It could be possible…

2 thoughts on “[MMO] Single Server MMO

  1. Star Wars already creates copies of zones when there are too many people. They do that supposedly so there are always enough quest mobs.

    The big downside to a single server MMO is the lack of a community. Much like LFG destroyed the WoW server community, you’d lose any semblance of a community when you’d never see the same players twice.

    EVE can get away with it because of its sandbox make your own community nature.

  2. One of the things I actually liked about EVE was that when you read something about a space battle, or a player that did something of note, or read about a good group of people to hook up with, they were all on your server. It’s not like, oh I should transfer to server because that’s where all the cool kids hang out — everyone hung out in the same world. It was pretty glorious to be honest. Traveling to Jeta (or whatever the main space port was called) was OMG bad. Super duper lag with 1000s of spacecraft flying around the main stations. But other than that, I gotta say the one server – one world idea is pretty badass.

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