[TOR] Natural Path

One of the downsides of TOR is how natural the path from planet to planet is for leading you into a set of fully mod-able gear. This means a lot of people carry forward the same look from quest rewards or commendation token bought gear. So… in the long run you kinda of look like all the other people of your class. Unless you either get mod gear from Flashpoints (assuming everyone else doesn’t either) or you forsake the mod-able gear (which would be insane) and collect the lesser greens or random blues.

Odd. You need to divert from the typical path in order to look different.

Who’d have thought it?

Quick status update; I’m closing on 50 with my Sith Assassin with some minor hold ups being that I didn’t play him since about Thursday. A couple of reasons, busy weekend and I’m trying to let the others catch up. Thought they’re going so and have pretty much agreed six more levels won’t hurt anything. I’ll get there in the coming weeks.

I’ve started playing around with a Jedi Guardian which has been pretty fun, though I’m limiting play time on that one to a static group … or duo. Still fun! I also started mucking around with a Imperial Agent, but haven’t gotten off Hutta just yet. When I get more time.

Still having fun and enjoying the story for each class and advancing through the game. I definitely have worries about what I’ll do when I hit the cap, probably play one of the alts more seriously.


2 thoughts on “[TOR] Natural Path

  1. I’m finding that I finish my class quests on planets too quickly and have to stick around and level up so I can do quests on the next planet. I guess I’m saying the class quests are a bit too easy to me… they should highlight your time on that planet and not because you waited to finish the quests off last, but that you *had* to.

  2. I had a slightly different thought. I found that the class quests were the more compelling of the quests (at least for me, sure being instrumental in turning a planet’s allegiance to the Empire was neat, but I was more interested in my class story. That meant I often chased them ahead of the planet/common quest lines.

    The quests are set up so you start at a hub that directs you towards quests in the area, including your class quest. As soon as you complete your class or the main line for that area you get punted off to another hub which is in the area of the next step of the class quest.

    Difficulty varies. If you have a second person along with you then it is downright trivial. If you have a suitably matching companion, then things can be somewhat easy.

    I was having the hardest time with silvers and golds around Tattooine range. As a Deception Assassin I was relying on Khem Val to hold agro – which he did, too well. He’d usually die because I don’t have any means of healing him. It’d be close in some cases, especially after dialogues where I couldn’t really stealth (I prefer to keep my ‘stealth out of combat’ ability for when the shit hits the fan) which means I only had the casting CC, not my stealth one.

    Anyway, once I got Talon Drelik and switched my weapon enchantment for threat and self heal, I was able to tank while being healed. It’s been a lot less frustrating. I don’t know if pulling the ship droid out and using him as a healer would have worked as well, I don’t know how well he heals.

    I’m still spec’ed damage so I make liberal use of my stuns or Talon’s heal agro to leverage my positional ability or stun-required Tumult. Should I need to DPS in a group, I just switch my charge (I wouldn’t actually want to tank like this).

    Things have definitely gotten easier.

    I have noticed that I don’t out-level the planet, though. I started Belsavis around 41 and I just left it at 44. I do find that I skip a lot of stuff because I have stealth and I don’t always chase down the bonus quests that appear (the progressive ones). That’s a big difference from when I was playing the Powertech because I was mowing through everything so I was often ahead of the level curve.

    What are you playing as John? Are you being sneaky too?

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