[PC] Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo First Impression

TL; DR version: Fail.

The gritty play by play.

Okay, people talking, black screen. I must be dead waiting to be raised and then I’ll start seeing stuff.


Oh, I get to create my character. Alright, I’ll go with a slutty looking female Elf. Okay, now I must see my character.


Weird. Okay, I’ll listen to the voices and wait for one to act all surprised that I’m actually still alive and THEN I’ll see stuff other than a black screen.

Still no?


Okay, there is a ‘Skip Cinematic’ option.


This looks promising, GUI appears… over top a black screen.



Menu comes up, character sheet.



Oh, the screen is still up. No, no it isn’t. The viewing area just isn’t getting updated.


I hear stuff when I click and hit the spacebar. I see the mini map and it looks like I am moving around. Maybe it’s just dark…

… still.

Exit game.

Oh look! A cinematic showing me what the game could look like if it actually worked on my system!


It’s still going…



Little prompt to pre-order.

Where’s the “Hell No” button?

First impression is first impression. I admit, I’m not feeling well so that probably adds some spice to the moment.

I’ll muck around and see if I can’t get the video to display. FWIW I haven’t had issues with any of the games I play including SWTOR which I play with all the settings cranked up.

Maybe I should have taken the fact that it started in 1600×1200 instead of 1920×1200 resolution as a hint that video stuffs were going to be bad?

Maybe it’s my second monitor?

Off to fiddle.

UPDATE: Some other feedback after rebooting, trying again with no success. Downloading new drivers and hope that solves the issue (without screwing up my other functional games)…

BTW, the logo trailers worked as did the initial cinematic trailer. I panicked a little when I saw three armored guys who looked pretty much identical… it reminded me a little of Batman: Arkham Asylum where there was basically one model for the minions with different skins that got used over and over. I worried… a little, it is a cinematic after all.

Log into EA account? Why? DRM?

“Select” button unnecessary in the prompts and message boxes. Really…

“Short message”
OK (which highlights on mouseover so, yeah, click it)
[Select button]

Really? Who approved this UI?

Buttons make sense for when hitting ESC on a cinematic, but not in the other cases where people are going to click (or move the focus over the item and push a controller button on the console) .

Lots of little loading bits. Is the game not making use of my 16GB of RAM? Am I being limited by this also being released on console? (Don’t worry, Skyrim does it too and I still loved the game.)

UPDATE 2: New drivers and a BSOD later – still not working.



5 thoughts on “[PC] Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo First Impression

  1. Why?

    It’s AA. It shouldn’t have that sort of impact on a demo game. The demo game should handle it properly or simply not offer it.

    Example? Oblivion from several years back would detect if you had ATI and disable AA if you had another setting selected – I can’t remember exactly what it was; HDR?

    Note the part where I said several years back.

    AA works fine in all my other games that use it which speaks to 38 Studios doing it wrong. 😦

    The internets seem to generally believe this game (demo) is a bit buggy. Crashes, halts, etc. Not that Skyrim was perfect – it at least worked from the get go.

    My CCC settings are always configured to let the application handle it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater. I actually hoped this game would be good and have nothing but love for 38 Studios. I’m just REALLY disappointed by them for releasing software in this state.

  2. I have no idea why they would release a demo that would cause immediate problems for half of their userbase and not make some sort of statement as to how to quickly and easily fix it. On the 38 Studios forum when this came up, customers found the workaround before the CM was able to get back to them with assistance from the developers, it’s like they somehow didn’t know this was going to be problem.

    I too have much love and admiration for all the great minds that have collaborated on this, however, at the end of the day I think the taint of EA got to them and made them push out something not quite finished.

  3. That could be but you always have a choice to release it or not. Also this is a pretty severe issue – how was it missed? (As a tester, I absolutely hate having this asked, but in this case it’s kinda of warranted…)

    Are they only playing on the console?

    Are they not testing with different systems?

    I thought the XBox 360 used an ATI card in there, does that mean it doesn’t work there either?

    There is a hole in their testing they need to fix.

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