[TOR] DING 50!

Now I can unsubscribe.

I kid. About the unsubscribing. I did just hit 50 with my Sith Assassin though I managed to complete the class story line last night (or this morning if you want to be precise).

I was a little surprised at how many abilities were available for purchase on the trainer – a ton of upgrades to abilities I use and some to abilities I don’t really use. I bought them anyway. Not much left for me to spend money on now and making money isn’t all that difficult.

What’s next?

Find a guild.

Start doing some of the hard mode Flashpoints.

I’m not entirely sure I’ll get into the Operations, I’m a little burned out from WoW still.

Maybe do some PVP. I expect I’ll get my ass handed to me because most of the 50s will have tons of PVP gear and I’ll just be starting out, mostly in Orange gear with some blues or greens.

I can also get cracking on the Republic alts and maybe catch up to my sister and BIL.

Still a bunch of things to do.

I recorded a video since I realized I was only 9k away from the cap (after having done my ship dailies) but I still have to sort it out and upload it. I also forgot to do a /played to figure out how long it took me (some of it was poking the pooch – I won’t lie).


7 thoughts on “[TOR] DING 50!

  1. “after having done my ship dailies” ugh… apparently you’re not *too* burned out on WoW lol. I’ve slowed down considerably, I’m finding the quests are becoming tedious to listen to and use the space-bar quite liberally these days. It’s still a good game, but definitely is lacking something — not sure exactly what — it plays fine and I’m not turned off by “missing” features like a custom UIs or macros or all that jazz. It is a bit straightforward and exploration is not really a big feature of the game. One of the blogs you read said it best http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2012/01/linearity.html

    At any rate, Grats on 50!

  2. I don’t actually read Tobold unless I am bored and have time to kill. He tends to say things to stir up attention. Sometimes he has good points, other times it is clear he’s using his brilliance for evil. 🙂

    I agree, it was very linear at some of the quests were not as interesting. I was leaning towards playing the Republic side, especially after Tim sent me some links about what to do at 50 to get ramped up for operations.

    Lots of grinding dailies and doing ‘heroics’. I am balking at doing that, especially on my own because it feels too much like what I hated doing with WoW. It isn’t the gameplay I enjoy.

    I ended up rolling a wizard type character in Skyrim and played that for a bit last night. 🙂

  3. I rolled up a Jedi Consular (Shadow) on Elysium. Interesting so far. I’ll give the game a couple months, see how it goes.

    I suffer from the “no cinematics” ATI bug. Grrr.

  4. I haven’t experience any “no cinematics” bug? I’m using ATI :$

    Are your drivers up to date? (I know, look who I’m asking) I saw they released some newer ones with some SWTOR profiles available for Crossfire peoples.

    The Shadow is the mirror to what I was playing – it’s a pretty fun class, I’d have to say it is probably more challenging than some of the others.

  5. The shadow seems to be a fun class so far. Admittedly, I’m only lvl 12, so I haven’t really experienced it, but the game play I’ve had so far has been a fun mix of sneaking and combat.

    My drivers are the 11.12 set, which improved, but did nto eliminate all the problems. You have reminded me to download the up-to-date profiles though, which I know I haven’t done so I’ll give that a shot.

    I find some of the gameplay WoW-like, but I’m really just barely out of the n00b training zone. I am enjoying the sort of moral-dilemma kinds of quests… no “right” answer. That’s a little different feel than other games and I like it. Haven’t tried PvP yet but I’m sure that will come in time.

    So far, my only semi-complaint is that it does appear to be a massively-solo-ORPG, much like WoW. Was impossible to get a group for the big n00b group quest, so I finished it solo on the strength of death+healing drone+waiting.

    I don’t know if everyone gets a companion or not. I’ve been dragging around this lizard guy who is pretty useful.

  6. Yes, it is really solo-friendly. I think that was one of the downsides of hitting 50 – there wasn’t a lot of people to share it with. I felt no need to join a guild or group up so no attachments or friends made in game.

    Yes, everyone gets companions – the ones you get depend on what base-class you are. Jedi Sages would have the same companion as you and do the same story quests. Jedi Knight, Smuggler and Trooper lines would have different companions from you and different main story. In essence, there are 4 companion sets and story lines on the Republic side and 4 of each on the Empire side. Lots of shared quests per side too.

  7. I fixed the cinematics problem. lowered the in-game anti aliasing setting and they came up no problem.

    If the companions are by class, there must not be many shadows on my server. I’ve only seen one other lizard guy. Most poeple seem to have a droid of some sort.

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