[D3] Why It Isn’t Out Yet

There are some lag issues and disconnects.

Yes. I said disconnects… for Diablo 3.

I know, you’re thinking this is crazy that you should be able to play Diablo 3 without being connected to Battle.net or being online but you can’t. You log in to Battle.net much like you do for StarCraft2 and then you play off it… I think. If not, then the local server stuff has some lag issues which is weird.

There are three Game Privacy Modes. First is private, invite only. Second is Real ID friends can join. Third is public – anyone can join.

I haven’t figured out if that means you’re hosting a local server when you’re playing (except joining a public server because then you’re clearly not hosting… derp). I suspect as much.

Yesterday when I was playing as a Demon Hunter and Wizard I was facing some pretty bad lag – it was later in the day. Like the client was hiccuping; spells would run the animation then a second later the actual tracking effect would appear, then it’d warp back and appear again. Mobs (that didn’t have the teleport ability) would warp around like the client was out of synch.

At one point I was running around firing abilities off and nothing was happening. It was like I was completely lagged out. So I popped open the menu and clicked Exit Diablo 3. Nothing. Clicked it again. Nothing. End task.


By the way, when you exit the game it gives you a count down like you would see in a MMO if you’re not in a safe spot. I have to wonder… WTF?! It makes no sense unless you’re PVPing… hello, if you’re the only person on the server (which seems to be the case even when you just want to play alone), you don’t need to do this come up.

Earlier in the day I was playing a Barbarian through and I didn’t have any lag issues. Instead I had disconnects from Battle.net which kicked me out of the game. Again, I was trying to play the game by myself and really didn’t want anything to do with the Battle.net stuff. This was somewhat frustrating as the adventure part of the world resets and you start outside the dungeon you just delved to the bottom of but didn’t pick up the quest item from… ugh.

Yes, there are some things they need to sort out and polish up around the Battle.net connectivity, but the game itself seemed pretty solid.



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