[STUFF] Last Day!

Last day of work for me at the current company – there isn’t really much for me to do here short of collect personal belongings and data, then hand over  hardware that belongs to the company. So yeah, I’m posting to my blog.

I’m planning on making some changes over the next little while, re-evaluating where online gaming fits in my life. Some of it might be burn out from WoW and the similarities between WoW and TOR end game and some of it just makes sense. Part of me wonders if all the online gaming stuff was just to fill a void that my work life wasn’t filling. It was somewhat stagnant with little opportunity to learn and apply new skills where as some of the games I was playing online frequently changed, there was a lot to learn and adjust to so maybe that was filling that need. I miss that and maybe I ended up spending a lot of that time and energy on the wrong things if I simply continue to play into the late hours of the night.

I’m not sure, I’m going to think about it.

I do know my new job is going to consume a fair bit of my time as I’ll be learning new systems, processes, product, specific (ISO) standard and technologies – which I love to do, but it will take time and I’ll need to focus. I likely won’t post nearly as often but I will post.

I’m pretty sure I’ll play games still, just not sure what.

(Yes, I’ll still be playing SWTOR here and there, I’m just not going to chase raiding or commit to a guild – there is no point)


4 thoughts on “[STUFF] Last Day!

  1. Thanks folks.

    What about Ewok Massage Parlor? I’ll be on for some PVP. Ewok rubbings (and happy endings) and the odd Bounty Hunter questing. Just going to be a slow month or so since I’ll have some ramping up to do. 🙂

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