[IRL] The New Job

Had an excellent first day, even the weather was fantastic.

The environment is nice and friendly. It’s a private company and has a small family feel to it. Despite being small, the test team is larger than the one where I just left (which was shrinking year over year). They went through a hiring boom and need to relocate to make room for more people – always a good sign. Funny story, there were no less than two indirect personal connections, four indirect professional connections and one direct professional connection in that office.

The direct professional connection and I had some coffee and talked a little. For some reason I thought he was at the last place I worked less than six months ago but it had been well over a year since he was working at the new place. I chalk it up to the hectic nature of the previous job. He assured me it’s a lot less fast paced where I am now so I’m looking forward to that.

The first product I’m looking at seems solid, up to date GUI (which is going to be hell to automate) with a lot of automation behind the scenes. Having taken a course on it today, I can see why there is a lot of behind the scenes automation (not exactly API, but close) – a lot of the GUI is used to generate code behind the scenes so I’m guessing they’re writing direct code to trigger actions, collect results and verify expectations. Still learning that product.

So far so good.



2 thoughts on “[IRL] The New Job

  1. Yup, into week three – still pretty busy between learning, fixing things and preparing solutions for existing problems (first bit went well, good questions came up giving me more to chase down).

    It’s nice looking forward to the next morning instead of doing everything you can to hold off the next day because it means going into work. The last place wasn’t that bad, just declined steadily over the last couple of years and I was really tired of what I was working on. I tried moving a couple of times but the projects shut down because they were being chased already in another location.

    Good times now. 🙂

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