[IRL] Week Two

Into Week Two with the new job. The last week was a bit of a blur but things are coming together now and I’m cluing into how they do things while building up other areas.

Keeps me busy.

Real busy.

I used to laugh at the kids crashing on the couch during the first week of a new school year, now I’m reminded how it feels.

I’ll still laugh at them though – it’s a benefit to being a dad.

Not much going on for blogging, maybe I’ll get back to a more regular pace once things settle down and I don’t feel so brain dead after work.

I picked up Reckoning (yesterday-ish), playing it on a new laptop I got (i7, SSD, HD, 3gb nVidia, 16gb RAM – it screams) and it’s running cleanly. Also tried Skyrim on there with the new high-res texture – loved it. Loaded up SWTOR on there too and hopped in for a few minutes to run around and see how it perform. All smooth.

I need to sort out the mic on the laptop – lots of feedback. It has a video camera as well so I should probably install Skype and use it for chatting with family on the other side of the country.

I’ll likely be bouncing between what ever games the kids want to play with me, Reckoning and SWTOR.

Tim says I’m “locusting”; I have to agree. If Diablo 3 was out I’d be playing that and Guild Wars 2 too.

That’s about all I have for random thoughts.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
(Remember Steak and Blowjob day is only a month away!)


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