[IRL] Week Three

This is turning into a blog about my real life and less about gaming. A big reason for that is I’m not really doing much in the way of gaming and the other big reason is I don’t find myself with a lot of free time to actually right up my usual drivel.

Work is good. Fixing issues, learning more of the inner workings of what is there, putting together solutions for existing problems focused on reliability, stability and ease of maintenance. Putting in a little extra time to start, but still ending the day feeling like my brain is going to explode.

Family is good. Giving the LBO and LLO some more responsibility in the morning and curbing their bad habit of removing their socks and launching them around whatever room they happen to be in at the time. They’re mostly playing Roblox at the moment – the upload issue is solved but they’re still consuming a lot of download now. Definitely seems to be Roblox since I blocked YouTube from the two PCs they use. Also the metrics show that the one day they didn’t touch the computer the bandwidth usage made sense.

Saturday night I was on my own after supper (took TheWife to The Works – gourmet burgers) then she went out with some friends. The kids were sleeping over at their friends’ place. I watched Cowboys and Aliens which was okay. I then went to bed at 9:30pm. How sad is that? That’s about the norm for me now. I try to stay up and watch something at 10 or start watching an hour long show at 9 and fall asleep soon after.

At least the bags under my eyes are gone. Before the bags had their own luggage.

Gaming is mostly dead. I get a little in weekend mornings, maybe in the afternoon but almost nothing at night. I cancelled SWTOR (though I still have access to it for another 24 days) simply because I haven’t had time to play it for three weeks and I really don’t have motivation to play knowing the end game is what it is (which is summed up nicely here). That leaves me fiddling with Skyrim (I mean to do the Rogue, Assassin and Stormcloak quest lines), Reckoning (much more action focused than Skyrim, but also less free-roaming with variant paths) and popping into StarCraft2 here and there just to watch some carnage. It sounds like a lot, but Skyrim lasts maybe an hour if I’m lucky and StarCraft2 is usually a half hour – one quick match. Reckoning tends to be what I play when I can string a couple of hours together.

I need a mindless but satisfying game to play.

Where are you Diablo 3?


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