[ROT] f EA Origin

Last thing I want or need is another distribution software service sitting on my system checking for updates or consuming resources needlessly.

I have Steam, I don’t want or need Origin and if EA was smart, they’d let someone else do all the hosting, bandwidth, advertising, distribution and all the tech support involved with it all.

Maybe I should have titled this, “Dear EA” but I was feeling the current title more.


2 thoughts on “[ROT] f EA Origin

  1. I can definitely understand not wanting another client for managing games, but Origin isn’t all that bad. I have not had any issues thus far, and the download speeds for me have been really, really good. It probably helps that I live near the EA campus, although I have no idea if that’s where the files are hosted.

  2. Yeah, it’s not a bad client however, it is another client and I have a number of EA games already purchased through Steam and I can’t ‘transfer’ them over. I hate having crap all over them place…

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