[PC] Game Game Game…

I’m WoWing casually – which means no raiding, no crazy late nights and just logging in to do whatever I feel like doing. I figured I’ll be picking up Diablo 3 so I went ahead and did the annual pass dealie Blizzard has set up.

Yeah, it’s a commitment, but I can see myself continuing to play casually over the next year… and Diablo 3 for free? Win. I just saved myself some money.

That said, I will likely take a look at Guild Wars 2.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Smaken, you haven’t learned your lesson by now? Another MMO?”

One shot purchase and no subscription fee? Sign me up. It’s not like I wouldn’t be dropping 60$ on some other single player game… like Diablo 3. I guess I didn’t really save money on Diablo 3 if I’m just going to turn around and spend that money on Guild Wars 2, right?

Either way, I will have stuff to play.

Now, I just need to find the time to play it.

[PC] Chrome Bookmarks… Oh

Just realized that my home PC’s Chrome bookmark bar had a ton of bookmarks on it so I looked closely and… they’re links I set up at work.

It appears there was a recent change that makes your bookmarks share by Google+ account.


I guess I’ll have to organize it a little better.

[IRL] Still Rofflemowing

Not many posts, sorry! Busy at work. I know I keep saying that and mentioning that it is refreshing to be busy but it’s true.

One of the things I’m doing at work is improving on the existing automation framework which is like a Frankenstein monster only put together by a lot of different Dr. Frankensteins with varying degrees of expertise. The overall premise of the system is brilliant and the implementation was sufficient, however, over time it grew to be a little unmanageable and inflexible. I’m changing that without breaking anything and to do that, I’ve got to dig into a lot of the code which is mostly logical steps in build files (Visual Build Pro – great tool!) and VBScript.

I stumbled across a real gem of VBScript which had me chuckling. Now not all code is like this, this is just a little LOL I stumbled across. Here it is (removing anything that could be considered sensitive):

if Verison = “9” or Version = “9.0” then
Version = “9”
end if

if Version =”9″ or Version = “9.0” then

True story.

This is a prime example of someone that was either in a rush, copy/pasted, really had no idea what they were doing, was interrupted mid thought or all of the above. And yes, that first misspelling of “Verison” was intentional – that’s really how it was. The point of the first ‘if’ statement was to strip the “.0” from the Version value so yeah… checking if it is “9” already was bad. Typo was bad too. Worse still was the check further down that had no faith in the fact that the previous code executed to change Version to “9”.

Fun times!

[PC] Mass Effect 3: Completed

I finished the game about 20 minutes ago, spent some of the time watching the credits, then a little movie at the end of the credits which implies there could be more ‘stories’ to be told in that game universe. Personally, I think Bioware (and EA) would be idiotic not to continue that franchise.

On completing the game you are dumped back to the point of no return. You do a mission then your next mission is the last one (see how vague I’m being?). By dumping you out here, they give you a chance to clean up any missions you might have missed.

I appear to have missed none.

I’m going to spoil stuff from here on out so if you don’t want to hear the spoilers, don’t read.

I cured the Genophage which allied the Krogan and the Turians. The Salarian Embassador asked me to not cure it, but I’m too good and honest not to do what I said I’d do.

I destroyed the Reaver-Rachni hybrid (rather I left it to die). I’m not sure if this would have changed anything. Admittedly the Ravagers were some of the most painful enemies out there (for me), second only to the Banshees.

I picked the Geth over the Quarians, but then when I saw the Quarians get wiped out and Tali throws herself from the cliff, I reloaded and went Quarian. Admittedly, it was one of the tougher choices. If the Quarians were not warring with the Geth, I bet it wouldn’t have been as tough. By upgrading the Geth you make it so they can defeat the Quarians so it seems to be a one or the other choice.

I think those were the main decision points, at least the ones I can remember aside from the final one which was a choice between controlling the Reapers or destroying them all, the Mass Relays and any synthetics (lots of tech too I think?). I picked destroying the Reapers.

By the way, I quickly realized the catalyst was the Citadel – almost immediately on seeing the Crucible.

Overall, pretty epic series. I want to go back and play through them all over again. It’s unfortunate I didn’t keep my save games from the previous versions.

In the first one I only lost Kaiden Alenko – hey, Ashley William had boobs – how could I pick him over her? My awesomeness level was high enough to convince Wrex the Krogans were not real Krogans, just mindless slaves. I hooked up with Liara, Ashley was playing too hard to get. I played a Soldier and started another play through as an Adept but didn’t complete it.

In the second one I don’t think I lost anyone at all, not even during the ‘suicide’ mission – unless I ended up losing the Drell? I don’t think I did. Admittedly, I didn’t have all the DLC so I don’t know if you stand to lose others. I hooked up with Miranda in that one – Jack was too much of a freak with all her tattoos and baldness. I am pretty sure I played a Soldier here too and also dabbled with an Adept but didn’t complete it.

In the third one I lost Legion (it came down to choice between it or Tali… Tali has boobs).  I hooked up with Ashley (this might not have been possible if I had kept my saved game from the first). I went with a Sentinel on this one – it was kind of cool actually, though I almost never (intentionally) blew my armor.

Damn… now I want to go play through the whole series all over again.

[PC] Mass Effect 3

Seems good so far. Lots of cinematic play to it, though I did pick the Role-Play option.

Oh, and I’m stuck… because it keeps crashing at the same point. Unfortunately, it’s a point which is required to advance the mission.


I barely got into the game.

Update: I was on Eden Prime and it was crashing when collecting data from a data core – the one with the signal. After a couple of attempts and applying a patch, it still crashed. I switched it up and went for the second data core first. That seemed to work. I’m now out of there and into some more missions.

I like that they added weapon mods back in and stuff to purchase that aren’t just ship upgrades. The mini-games for hacking or picking locks are gone (or so it seems).

Pretty fun.

[IRL] MIL Rant

Definitely not to be mistaken for MILF… the mother-in-law is a source of stress and annoyance for me. An example?

Today TheWife called the MIL to ask her to pick the kids up from school or the sitter, which ever. The MIL complained she wasn’t feeling well – fine, not a problem. TheWife called me to get me to leave a little earlier so I could pick the kids. I usually do the drop off and she does the pick up but today she was on the wrong end of town to make the pick up time.

So I rush home and see the MIL’s car is there. Cool, she must be feeling better and picked up the kids, right?


I get in the house and see no kid boots all over the entrance so I say, “Oh, you didn’t get the kids?”

She complains that her leg hurts and she can’t drive far.

The kicker?

Picking up the kids was on the way to my house from hers.


You’re okay enough to come over to our house but not pick up the kids on the way?

It honestly would have bugged me less if she had said she forgot – it happens – but to suggest she can’t drive far but it’s on the way to our house?




[IRL] Week Four

Going well. Feeling less tired at night so that’s a positive. I’m actually making to 10:30pm!

The kids and I were spending some time playing WoW (I’m using the free 7 day trial, LBO has resubbed and LLO is using the free to play until level 20 dealie) which has been amusing. It’s been a learning experience for LLO, old hat for LBO and, well, I’m simply awesome. We’ve got a trio of Orks: Mage, Hunter and Shaman. It’s a wonderful motivator for getting them to do their homework, be nice to each other and do other things they they should be doing.

Fun times.