[IRL] MIL Rant

Definitely not to be mistaken for MILF… the mother-in-law is a source of stress and annoyance for me. An example?

Today TheWife called the MIL to ask her to pick the kids up from school or the sitter, which ever. The MIL complained she wasn’t feeling well – fine, not a problem. TheWife called me to get me to leave a little earlier so I could pick the kids. I usually do the drop off and she does the pick up but today she was on the wrong end of town to make the pick up time.

So I rush home and see the MIL’s car is there. Cool, she must be feeling better and picked up the kids, right?


I get in the house and see no kid boots all over the entrance so I say, “Oh, you didn’t get the kids?”

She complains that her leg hurts and she can’t drive far.

The kicker?

Picking up the kids was on the way to my house from hers.


You’re okay enough to come over to our house but not pick up the kids on the way?

It honestly would have bugged me less if she had said she forgot – it happens – but to suggest she can’t drive far but it’s on the way to our house?





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