[BOOK] iBook Dirty Deals FTW!

I figure I’ll take advantage of Apple’s dirty deal with some publishers to undercut Amazon and so I ordered a book from iBook which saved me $1.25. Yeah, I know I probably could have found a book for free or gone to some site out of Russia and paid only 99 cents for it but I figured I’d support Apple’s underhanded dealings.

Actually, I just really wanted to try out an eBook on my iPad 2. I downloaded Kindle app, created an Amazon account then saw the book I was interested in was $8.25 on Amazon but only $6.99 on iBook so I went with iBook.

Oh, what book did I get?

Ender’s Game.

I read the preview chapter on iBook, found it interesting and decided to pick it up. I haven’t been able to put it down since – then my son borrowed the iPad for a bit which sort of forced me to put it down. It’s now sitting on the couch next to me, demanding I keep reading to hear more about how Ender is handling Battle School.

As I read, I can’t help but draw parallels to some more recent stories involving child prodigies coming from difficult family situations and who were groomed at a school away from home to save the world from some form of evil… only magic instead of science. Just some similarities, it’s nothing like Avatar and Pocahontas.

I’d mention how many pages it is, but that depends on which orientation my iPad is at – 418 portrait, 821 landscape.

Good read.

[WoW] Still At It…

Just going pretty casually. No raiding, the odd heroic here or there, playing Smaken (Hunter) and Kremus (DK) and my billionth attempt at leveling a Rogue. I went Dwarf this time, something about them is appealing – could be all the times I bumped my head on low hanging objects.

Which isn’t as often as you’d probably think… bastards.

I signed up for the year-sub which gets me Diablo 3 for free – if you can call signing up for a MMO for a year ‘free’. I figure I’ll be playing it anyways so might as well get a free game out of it.

Not much else going on there.

[PC] SmakenDahed + Krogan Sentinel = Win!

Been playing a little bit of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer here and there. Usually hopping in for a couple of random levels and having some good fun there.

Scored a Krogan Sentinel which I like giving a shotgun (M300), under-barrel knife for extra melee damage, shield amp and then run around with my Tech Armor on owning everything with heavy melee hits. Especially gratifying when I hear my Krogan bitch at someone for shooting me in the back… because you know I just blew that Sniper Rifle toting wuss’ headshot by charging in, blocking line of sight and one shotting the target. I also love the launching enemies across the map with the heavy hit.

Good times.

Other night I was doing Silvers with my Geth Engineer, two other Geth Engineers and a Human Engineer – easy wins with three turrets and a drone on top of four players shooting everything. I still have to try a Gold level out, see how insane that is.

If you play and want me to ruin your headshots, feel free to friend me on Origin – just make sure I know you’re a reader or I might block you – “SmakenDahed”… what did you think I’d use?

[PC] Classical Gameplay

Legend of Grimrock.

I only have one real complaint so far: spellcasting. I hate the mechanism for spell casting. It should pause when you pop open the casting panel, fux around with the glyphs then click the cast button. I also dislike that you don’t start with any spells making your Mage pretty close to useless at the start.

That and spiders attack way too fast. F spiders. F poison.

Oh, and they could really use keybindings for making your characters activate what ever is in their hands instead of clicking. I’ve long ago dropped left-clicking on specific GUI items in games.

So far I am enjoying the game. It’s a throw back to the Eye of the Beholder/Dungeon Hack type games from SSI – which I loved to death. Definitely feels like there is more movement required in both the puzzles and combat. I remember the puzzles in the SSI games being a little less complicated and combats less kiting… maybe that’s just the spiders being so tough.

I’m down in level three or four and there are spiders… lots of them. Just when I think they are done with, more appear and just devour my poor Minotaur, Human, Frog-dude and Bug-boy. I mourn their passing. Good thing I’m almost done with the spiders because I’ve finally put enough points into Earth Magic to get Poison Shield… which doesn’t last long enough nor prevent your guys from getting poisoned.

Did I mention I hate spiders?

F spiders.