[IRL] Ogre Card Revoked!

The LBO lost his Ogre Card this weekend. He was overtly nice by buying ice cream for himself, his little brother and two of his little brother’s friends with his own money earned by delivering flyers.

I was somewhat surprised by his generosity, especially given that he’s trying to save up that money to spend it on virtual goods – which I’m totally against, but if he’s going to work hard and earn it, he can choose where to spend it.

I’ve explained to him at length I don’t agree and think he’d be better off spending his money on things that will last and are somewhat more tangible. I showed him catalogs with items listing what he could buy with the amount he wants to spend ($200); various electronics, games, music, books or even toys. Things that he’ll own and won’t go away like what would happen if the game he wants to buy virtual goods in shuts down.

It’ll take him half a year to earn that much by delivering flyers, I’m sort of hoping he’ll outgrow the desire to spend on that, but we’ll see. The fact that he decided to buy some ice cream (setting him back a couple of weeks) is king of cool. Yeah it’s junk food but it was a pretty cool big brother thing to do.

And totally unogrely… ish.

[TV] Summer Shows

I’m going to be following The Glades, Rookie Blue and Continuum.

The Glades is back on A&E starting up this weekend (Sunday night!). They last left off with Calle being offered a job elsewhere because the hospital she works at is shutting down. She ends up not taking the job, showing up at Jim’s place instead. Not exactly an explosive ending to the season, but it was a nice change for sure. I’m going to guess she’ll get more hours working with FDLE or need to pick up work elsewhere to finish her schooling. I wonder where this is going to go, though I expect to see beautiful scenery (both kinds!), interesting murder cases and lots of witty remarks – I’ve always sort of viewed this as the House of homicide detective shows.

Rookie Blue is another Police drama which I got suckered into. Both TheWife and I enjoy it so we’ve continued watching it. I believe it takes place somewhere in Canada so my American (or European) readers might not know about this show. This sort of replaces Hawaii Five-O in that it’s a bit more of a no-brainer, entertainment show with some drama and pretty people. The premiere has already happened last week. Andy returns from suspension to be picked up but the main source of trouble which leads to other trouble when William Shattner causes an accident. I won’t spoil, but yeah, William Shattner was on there. I will say he doesn’t leap across the hood of any cars, but he does slug someone and comes off as a grumpy old man. Looking forward to more.

Continuum is a new show on Showcase (I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to that and I’m rushing to get this post in before dinner or my laptop battery dying – whichever comes first) where terrorists from the future escape execution by travelling back in time by 65 years (from 2077 to now, 2012). A clever law enforcer gets caught up in the portal and is sucked back as well. I won’t spoil much more than that other than to mention this one has potential. It seems to have decent production, decent writing and appealing lead actors. And it’s sci-fi… sort of.


[IRL] Give and Take…

I’m all for a little give and take, but I draw the line at shit. Giving someone shit while taking a shit – I wouldn’t do it. I’d be too worried about dropping my cell.

I won’t say where this thought came up for fear of embarrassing a co-worker.

And, yes, I know.

[TV] Bye House

Unfortunately, I didn’t get into the show as early as I would have liked in the series. I think I started watching around the third or fourth season and really started to enjoy the scathing wit, burning sarcasm and brutal honesty of the House character.

Watching the finale tonight was bittersweet. Bitter because it is coming to an end and I enjoyed it thoroughly over the years I was watching it. Sweet because it was starting to drag a little – people bleeding from eyes and ears or coughing up blood was becoming common. Even the gag of hiring an actor (or actors) to trick Wilson was used twice this season.

So in some ways, it was time for House to die.


And I really thought he was going to die, just as he was coming to the realization that he could change. Of course, his idea of change and what was being portrayed was more about giving up the puzzles to spend time with his dying buddy. I didn’t quite expect them to fake his death. I admit, as soon as the cell phone started ringing, I clued in.

Good show, great series, lots of laughs, lots of ZOMG did he just say that?’s and lots more room on my PVR recording schedule.

I wonder what they’re going to try to slot in there next season?


[D3] They Just Don’t Listen

I said previously they desperately need to allow for offline mode for D3 because having to be connected to B.Net to play is B.Shit. You don’t need to be connected to B.Net for SC2, why for D3?

DRM? DRM which really only stops the folks that wouldn’t normally go that route anyway.

Social media? Fuck social media – where’s my choice of being a hermit and not wanting to be connected? I barely use Facebook – it’s full of losers looking for approval or pitty – and Twitter lasted five minutes before I uninstalled it followed up with a, “OMG, who fucken cares that you have a muffin? Noise pollution.”

People have been waiting 10+ years for this game and on opening day its availability is up and down like a hyperactive child with a pogo-stick.

Again… offline mode would have prevented all the crazy posts on the forums and irate fans.

You kids get off my lawn… and turn down that damn noise you call music!

[IRL] All For Motion

When you’re all for something you’re often said to be pro-something. In the case of the title: pro-motion. Or just promotion.

Hard work pays when there are people that care to recognize it. I was approached a week ago about filling an architect position for Quality Assurance. Since joining my new place of work, I’ve had a hand in redesigning and enhancing three systems bolstering them for reliability, flexibility and scalability. I have plans for another system as well, just not enough manpower to implement it.

I can’t take credit for all of it. I’ve got a good team (including a really good intern) that can see the failings of the existing system and embrace the need to change them.

That’s critical. You can make all the suggestions you want, but if the people who are going to be a big part of implementing don’t buy into it, you’re going to spin your wheels, butt heads with people and make no progress.

No, the team I have embraced change and suggested their own very excellent tweaks.

I admit I was reluctant to move into the new role since it’s something I do by default and I don’t want to leave the team short a member, but I do see the value I can add in a larger team environment. I just really hope I don’t step too far away from the work, the implementation.

I like getting my hands dirty… in a virtual sense.

[MOV] The Avengers

It is epic.

Lots of action.

Good story.

Hulk and Thor pummel each other – that alone is enough to watch the movie.

Hulk owns.

Thor owns more.

Iron Man kills me. Robert Downey Jr. has sold Iron Man to me. From reading some of the comics, he doesn’t quite behave like Iron Man, but he has redefined him in a more enjoyable fashion. Love the lines. Love the delivery.

Black Widow was good, but not as awesome as in Iron Man 2. She really only had one really super cool moment.

Hawkeye was good, but seemed a little less apparent than Black Widow.

Captain America was good, but didn’t stand out as much. Yeah he took leadership and ran with it and he had more moments than Black Widow and Hawkeye, but he was overshadowed by Thor, Iron Man and Hulk.

Great movie.

LBO loved it! LLO fell asleep in the first 5 minutes and woke up about 30 minutes later – that kid can fall asleep anywhere. He got to see Thor (my favorite hero growing up) vs. Hulk (his favorite) and is now a Thor fan too. Both are now more interested in watching some superhero movies with me which means TheWife is off the hook – though she missed seeing it.

Go. See. It.


[WoW] Casual Shift

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before but I did pick up the annual subscription pass despite my loathing of the Kung-fu Panda expansion. I figured I’d be playing it for awhile still and so I might as well get Diablo 3 for free.

I admit, I sort of regret doing that but I’ll be making the best of it. I floundered a bit on some PVP servers and mucking around with alts, catching previous mains up to the current tier of gear, finally deciding to work on a Rogue in a casual guild. I’m not totally sold on the guild I’m currently in because it was a mass invite type guild, but I haven’t run into any total asshats yet so that’s a positive. I’ve mostly been busy leveling up which was a chance to go through some of the newly revamped starting zones. Some have been pretty good.

For my old mains, they’re still hanging in Paranormal Society though I don’t use them much now. I am really tempted to remove them and pull them into a casual type that is active and maybe dust them off from time to time for some guild runs. Tim and Jason are also thinking of doing some PVP, maybe an arena team which would be fun.

I have no urge to raid and not much for grinding things over and over just for gear – that’s something that is more fun to do with friends. I think that was something that was the most fun about Cata – running dungeons with guildies, being happy about upgrades they got and giggling when they got the damn gloves instead of that trinket again. Raiding started off fun, but things got crazy after that. I don’t blame PS or people still in it, just the craving for purple (or oranges) people see to have.

Enough of that.

Level rogue. PVP some. Dust off the 85s every now and then. Just play the game.

I did download MoP Beta on the weekend too. I copied Smaken and Kremus over to the beta server and created a level 85 rogue as well.

I took a peek at the new talent system and have to admit, it is decent though I found most of the DK talents to be too similar or prone to one being better than the other once someone does math and figures out which gives you the most uptime or constant benefit. I took a peek at the glyphs as well, not too bad though not to exciting either. I found the Hunter abilities sort of meh mixed in some really nice tiers and their gylphs were so so. I don’t know much from Rogues yet to really say one way or the other.

Played a Panda monk. It was okay, I didn’t really get too far into it. Starting area was suitably Monk-ish, don’t think it’d feel the same playing as some other type of Panda class and I wonder how playing a Monk in another race would feel?

Not much else to say about that, I didn’t really want to go too far into the new content so as to keep it new. I didn’t get the Annual Pass for MoP Beta, I got it for Diablo 3…

… which is coming out in about a week – so excited!

[IRL] Unexpected Benefit

I recently switched from Rogers to Bell for TV and internet. I’ve experienced faster download speeds both wired and wireless. I also get more channels for less of a cost and no screwing around with packages containing undesired channels to get desired ones.

But those were expected benefits, the unexpected benefit was… no mother-in-law hanging out at my place all day long.


She can’t work the TV and doesn’t want to learn how to use the new control and receiver.

Thank you Bell!

[IRL] Dead Blog Is Dead


I’m not going to start the post with the typical apology of, “I know I’m not posting much but…”. Instead I’ll just say, I know I’m not posting much but I’m busy.

I am well aware that I haven’t been posting as often as I have been in the past. I meant to post things on the weekend but didn’t get around to it. I have been thinking about why I’m not posting as much and have come up with a number of realizations.

I posted a lot from work while automation was running. I can’t do that as much now because there is still a lot to do even while the automation is running where as before there wasn’t a whole lot I wanted to do. Over the last few years I have had a decreasing measure of motivation to work for PreviousCorp because year after year I saw good people being let go and not even replaced. I also knew the eventual destination of the project was offshore and I had seen what that meant for other products – they stagnate.

Before I continue I want to clarify that I’m not stereotyping here. I recognize there is a lot of great software being developed outside of North America and people are people. There are good people that do great things with their subject matter and there are bad people that don’t do good things. But… when something goes into ‘sustaining’ they’re looking to drop the salaries associated with the product and little else. It’s not a resurrection of a limping beggar, it’s putting the old cow out to pasture.

That said, I was becoming one of the good people that could do amazing things with the subject matter only I saw no point to it. It seemed a waste and I was unhappy and completely demotivated at the end (despite still scoring wickedly high on the performance evaluations and being one of the last people standing). I even felt bad for the people I was handing the project over to because they were really bright people who are going to take over doing nothing for something that amounts to little.

All that led me to wondering if this blog was a byproduct of my unhappiness? It’s always been a medium for venting for me, originally the intent was to mock the stupidity of others but that seemed too narrow and you’ve got great sites like Failblog that picked that up. So it became whatever I wanted it to be at the moment I had time to post something.

And it’s going to stay that way…

… only the ‘moments’ I have for posting things are less now.

I might find time for several posts at a time and maybe I’ll even post them on a delayed schedule.