[IRL] Dead Blog Is Dead


I’m not going to start the post with the typical apology of, “I know I’m not posting much but…”. Instead I’ll just say, I know I’m not posting much but I’m busy.

I am well aware that I haven’t been posting as often as I have been in the past. I meant to post things on the weekend but didn’t get around to it. I have been thinking about why I’m not posting as much and have come up with a number of realizations.

I posted a lot from work while automation was running. I can’t do that as much now because there is still a lot to do even while the automation is running where as before there wasn’t a whole lot I wanted to do. Over the last few years I have had a decreasing measure of motivation to work for PreviousCorp because year after year I saw good people being let go and not even replaced. I also knew the eventual destination of the project was offshore and I had seen what that meant for other products – they stagnate.

Before I continue I want to clarify that I’m not stereotyping here. I recognize there is a lot of great software being developed outside of North America and people are people. There are good people that do great things with their subject matter and there are bad people that don’t do good things. But… when something goes into ‘sustaining’ they’re looking to drop the salaries associated with the product and little else. It’s not a resurrection of a limping beggar, it’s putting the old cow out to pasture.

That said, I was becoming one of the good people that could do amazing things with the subject matter only I saw no point to it. It seemed a waste and I was unhappy and completely demotivated at the end (despite still scoring wickedly high on the performance evaluations and being one of the last people standing). I even felt bad for the people I was handing the project over to because they were really bright people who are going to take over doing nothing for something that amounts to little.

All that led me to wondering if this blog was a byproduct of my unhappiness? It’s always been a medium for venting for me, originally the intent was to mock the stupidity of others but that seemed too narrow and you’ve got great sites like Failblog that picked that up. So it became whatever I wanted it to be at the moment I had time to post something.

And it’s going to stay that way…

… only the ‘moments’ I have for posting things are less now.

I might find time for several posts at a time and maybe I’ll even post them on a delayed schedule.



3 thoughts on “[IRL] Dead Blog Is Dead

  1. My blog originally started as a vent mechanism. It still is, by and large. post numbers wax and wane with my mood and free time.

    I do use the delayed scheduling thing if I think up a bunch of stuff and don’t want to dump it all at the same time.

    They say that if you want to be an uber blog, you have to post regularly, but uberness has never been one of my goals. I post what I like when I can. That seems to be where you’re headed too. Your blog will live on!


  2. For me, article ideas often come in bursts. So if I get a brainstorm, I tend to write the articles, then space them out with the scheduler so it looks like I’m maintaining a higher level of posting. Sometimes I do break the 4th wall (“this article was written last week”) but I don’t think people mind.

    I tend to like to get ideas down when the come to me rather than trying to hold on to it for a week and then write it up.

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